Sony NEX FS700

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Who It’s For:

The Sony NEX FS700 is a professional video camera made for videographers who need a flexible camera with lots of features in a comparatively small package.

What We Like: 

Speed: The FS700 can shoot up to 240fps at full HD and 960fps at lower resolution.

4K Ready: A Firmware upgrade in the future will allow the camera to shoot 4K video.

Lens Compatibility: The E Mount Lens system means that all of Sony’s NEX lenses are compatible, and lens adapters are available for other lens systems.

Price: The 10K price tag is cheaper than most other 4K cameras.

Built In ND Filters: The camera has built in 2, 4 and 6 stop ND filters.

Flexible Storage: Stores either to SD cards or Sony’s HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit.

What We Don’t:

4K Delay: If you get this camera now, you’ll have to wait to be able to utilize full 4K functionality.
gear bh Sony NEX FS700 gear adorama Sony NEX FS700 gear amazon Sony NEX FS700 gear bl Sony NEX FS700

Do you own the Sony NEX FS700? Let us know your thoughts and opinions about it below:
  • http://www.facebook.com/laune.isaac Laune Isaac

    I don’t own a fs700 but don’t believe Sony’s lies i do own a HXR-Nx5u and Sony promised a 60p update at and many people bought the cam still awaiting that update 3years later….. thats just a hook don’t bite… Sony will deliver 4k but never in this camera they will just bring out another one with this feature and you will have to buy that

  • Rojahe

    I recently wrapped up shooting a short film on an Fs700. Footage looks quite contrast-y and overall it is a simple enough camera to use. HOWEVER, aperture and white balance are adjusted through a menu feature only, rather than a dial or switch on most other cameras. The ergo’s suck on the thing and without a shoulder rig with a display, handheld work is uncomfortable and clumsy at best. The focus/ zoom rings on the kit lens are also in reverse position to many other cameras – a small niggle but it does get frustrating.

    All in all it is a decent camera, but getting your rushes at the end of the shoot is more exciting than using it. And given the price tag, it is still a smarter buy to go for something like the BMCC.

  • Nathan

    It’s available.

  • Han Johnson

    I own the fs700 for almost a year. I love the camera. It took som time getting used. I almost always use it handheld. If you need smooth slide like pan just record in 240 fps.

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