[Humor] Laugh At Yourself: Sh*t Photographers Say

Have you ever noticed when you are hanging out with another photographer, your non photography friends absolutely hate you? This video had me laughing a few times because like it or not we all sound like this from time to time. After you watch this, leave your favorite photographer cliche in the comments.

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"You want to print this at Walmart, don't you..."

"Are you Nikon? ...or Canon?"

Hold that,  hold that!

"Digital will never be a good as film"

think we got it! lol 

"I can Photoshop that" 
I say that at least once a shoot... must mean I'm great at Photoshop or a bad photographer haha

Too much magenta...

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"We can fix that in Photoshop"

The B&H one all the way! How many times are they not accepting orders!?!?!!? And how many holidays can you have in a year! That one was great!

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the real joke is when they call YOU!  That was my favorite as well....Rosh Hashanah haha

"That's a lot of noise in your image!"

"Oh no, it's film. Yeah."

I need.....

"Would you call this overcast or cloudy?" and "Too magenta" made me laugh.

Yep!  Right there.  Don't move.... Awesome.  Just a little... a little... uhmm... YEP!!  Right there!  RIGHT ON!!!  AWESOME!!!  OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!............. Ok let's try that one more time.


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Do you have a Black Rapid ?

I don't pose, I'm just follow the action.

Oh,  me ?  Just f2.0 or wider!

I don't have zoom lenses in my camera bag.

Have you tried a Black Rapid strap? I used to think they where a gimmick, but they actually work well!

"have you seen my new website?"

"I'm thinking about starting a project on homeless people"the spontaneous switch from dslr to hasselbladand all the lens talk. 

Can you give me a more natural smile?

Holy crap that was lame. I mean seriously un-funny.  I want the last 3 minutes of my life back.

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haha, my hands smell like fix!

and oh chin down.... NO, up a little more..... NO Move slowly..... 

They actually mentioned Avedon. That alone makes it win-ful

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"i only shoot raw"

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Notice how the guy shooting the Canon tele in studio artificially adds a little recoil whenever he presses the shutter :)

"i love lightroom" jOUAjoUAjouJaouajouJAoujAO

Have you seen FStoppers? 

this made me laugh, i have a friend that gave me a whole lot of crap because I bought a d7k with four lens at the price of 2k, he said that all i needed was prime lenses and so on. Now that I have upgraded to a d700 he owns a d7k and is the best camera for him. 

How have you been...?
No much, just shooting a lot...

"Is that HDR?"