This Is Why Posing Your Subjects Is Important

This Is Why Posing Your Subjects Is Important

I've seen some examples of some goofy poses for wedding pictures but this is the first optical illusion. The idea is a bit strange but innocent enough; "let's have the groomsmen kneel down and the bridesmaids sit on their knees." Who would have thought this could make the girls look like dwarfs. I'm shooting a wedding this weekend and now I have one more thing I know not to do.  via Reddit

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Haha, it took reading your description to realise they weren't dwarfs.

I can understand how it happens.  I've done poses I thought sounded good in my head.  Then when put into play, it just wasn't right.  Delete!

The most shocking thing for me is how that guy got her to marry him

Hahahaha! Gives me more than hope!

i heard a lot of girls are attracted to money.... i mean if you don´t live in a cave you sure have noticed that?

or why would supermodels care about flavio briatore?

From Grimms Fairest Tales :The One-Legged men wiht the marrie Dwarf ladies :D

This shot was obviously taken by a bystander - the entire wedding party is looking at somebody camera-left. The girls are sitting with their bodies turned from that photographer's perspective, so you should be able to tell they are sitting. With a low camera angle I could see this pose working. But I don't think I'll be trying it at any of my upcoming weddings.

Uncle bob (or whoever shot this photo) just happened to pick the worst possible angle (imagine that).

I'm the groom, and this picture was taken from my Mother's digital camera. Here's one of our actual professional photos:

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Ha, I'm always shocked when someone from the story posts on here.  Quick question, did the pro photo have the same optical illusion or just the one from your mom's camera?  

Would love to see the protog's photo of the same scene from the article. And even if the photo was taken by your mother it still illustrates why perspective and poses matter. If not, awkward photos come to life. Don't sweat it, it happens.

By the way, you make a great couple.

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It's a very nice photo Tim, and you two make a lovely couple. 

I'm like Patrick though, curious if your photographer also captured this pose. 

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Still it is shocking posing. If that was taken by your mother can we see the actually photo by the professional please?

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