This Camera Can Shoot 1 Trillion FPS and See Light In Motion

MIT has created a camera that can actually view light in motion. By firing trillions of pulses of light and syncing their cameras shutter, they can create a video that shows how light moves through space and reacts to mass. By recording this amazing detail, these cameras can actually see into objects and around corners by monitoring the way the light bounces off and around an object.

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Impressive to say the least! 

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Very impressive!!!

Holy crap. They need to recreate a double slit experiment and watch the wave-particle duality in slow motion. I don't know if their packets of photons are small enough, but that would be so cool to watch quantum events.

That's actually not possible. The nature of quantum object in the double-slit-experiment is unfortunately, that as soon as the slit is observed, the photon will NOT have gone through both slits. That is the f**ked up thing about quantum physics.
It will only go through both slits if the slits are unobserved.

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so, im thiking the same price range as a d800...

absolutely brillant.