The More Affordable Wide-Angle Tilt-Shift You've Been Waiting for Is Almost Here!

The More Affordable Wide-Angle Tilt-Shift You've Been Waiting for Is Almost Here!

Samyang's T-S 24mm f/3.5 ED AS USM tilt-shift lens has been delayed until March 2013, but we're coming on that date soon enough. In the meantime, pricing via Samyang Russia came in around $1,100 after the conversion, significantly cheaper than its Nikon and Canon counterparts, each roughly $2,000. All that's unknown now are the performance characteristics of the lens, but we'll know soon enough...


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Jens Marklund's picture

Very prone to flare from what I've seen. The optics are probably great though. 

Christopher Sztybel's picture

The Samyang/Rokinon products are pretty impressive. I'd like to see this one up close and personal.

coated or uncoated ?

$1,100 = More than i was hoping for :-(

Rob's picture

Photography probably isn't the best hobby/profession for you then. 

James Robertson's picture

Don't be a dick, Rob. I'm a studio owner and full time professional commercial photographer, and I'm leading a group of over 100 hobbyist and professional photographers in my city who range from broke ramen-noodle eating college students, to a couple members with more money than most people have ever seen. Photography is something that is welcoming to everyone from every walk of life (besides the ones who's religious and cultural beliefs don't allow it, I suppose) as a means to explore, express, experience, create, and share what they find interest in around their world. The sheer brilliance I've seen from $3 disposable camera prints or pinhole cameras made from a box and photographic paper, or more commonly your average consumer digital point and shoot have been humbling to me in some instances, and to tell someone that they are not allowed to experience this because they don't have $1100 that they can prioritize into a piece of gear is downright laughable, for me at least.

Tilt-shift in itself is a rather niche area which many people, even professionals don't have enough use for to justify the investment. $1100 is still $1100 regardless of it's use, and certainly can go towards equipment that will provide a lot more use in most cases.A little bit of thought could go a long way before posting. 

MTP Studios's picture

aint that the truth weeding out the pros from the wannabes with high prices!

If $1,100 is true it won't be coming in as competitive as their fast MF primes do. Seems like the Canon 24mm T/S mk I has been hovering in the $800-$900 range for a used copy, so if the coatings and coverage circle are comparable to the older Canon I can't see much point to going with the Samyang/Rokinon...

Spy Black's picture

That may be a list price, it may be under $1000 when it hits the streets.