More Nikon D600 Specs!!!

More Nikon D600 Specs!!!

We have a few more specs now that we're getting closer to Photokina, and they're pretty exciting... Get ready for an entirely new and incredibly affordable full-frame camera!

We already heard about a 24.7MP sensor, full HD video, 5fps -- all that. But what's new is the claim that we're going to see 16 bit image processing (14 bit is common in previously released DSLRs), an Expeed 3 processor, a 1/4000 max shutter speed, 150,000-exposure shutter life, and a small and lightweight body due to Nikon's magnesium alloy only being used on the top and back of the camera.

While this is all neat and dandy, I think these specs point to a 'cheaper' full-frame camera more like the D7000 in build than the D800. It would be great for Nikon to still include full weather sealing, but I think that's still up in the air for now. No matter how you look at it, we'll get the chance to snap this one up for less cash because of the few 'relaxed' pro features. I'm still holding out for weather sealing and for the price to be enticing enough for me not to complain... But Nikon has rarely disappointed me in the past, I must say.

Via NikonRumors

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As per comments in previous posts - I don't think you need to post such stuff in Fstoppers.
If I want Nikon camera rumours - I go to Nikon Rumours.If I want interesting BTS footage - I come to Fstoppers.
No need to pad out Fstoppers with re-posts.

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Just do not open this post, and leave it to who cares. Simple as that.

Oh - not a major gripe - that's what I usually do now  - I used to open every fstoppers link from Google reader, but these days probably 1 in 5 or so.

But I believe in giving constructive feedback - hence the comment.

Constructive feedback: Nit picking to bend an informative website for 10's of thousands to suit your own wants/opinions.  I used to run into constant "constructive feedback" when I worked for the government-typically from long term, entrenched employees. I do not miss those days.... 

Thanks to FStoppers for keeping us so current on digital camera & photography info/updates!!!

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While I totally agree with Daf, Fstoppers has gotten so big that we are constantly getting emails, tweets, and tags about all sorts of stories photography related.  We still post the BTS videos we've always posted but since so many photographers visit FS on a daily basis, we decided to go ahead and put any news story on the front page as well.

Hopefully our readers will just click the stories that interest them but at the same time we want them to be well informed about everything going on in the industry.  

I love it! I've been looking at full frame cameras for my next body upgrade, and depending on the price point, this could be it. The D800 is a little more camera than I need, and still seems to be a bit somewhat of a rarity at my local shops.

i just don't understand why none of my comments appear when i spend time writing them actually... that's becoming a pain and it's annoying me :D

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Hmmm....I just checked our system and you have a bunch of comments posted.  This one made it, are there others that haven't?

Thanks for the update!

However, I don't understand why you would photoshop a badge onto a d800 body when there are already decently reliable photos of this camera all over the web...

Is it just me, or are there more and more ignorant, rude buffoons posting on Fstoppers?

It seems like every article is critiqued into the ground by people offering 'constructive feedback'. This place is really going to shit and it's all thanks to a minority that can't keep their fingers off of the keyboard.

It's pretty simple, you don't like it? Pass it over, read something else, don't stomp this place into the ground it's tiring to read.

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Forget the lame comments. Is anyone getting one of these babies?

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Any news on pricing?  If this body clocks-in at under $2k, it's gonna sell like pancakes.

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I'm guessing you never clicked to open the source link.

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Haha. Pricing was guessed earlier: just under or around $1500... That seems on par to me with something that would sell like pancakes :-)

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1/4000s top shutter speed.... :-(...looks like i might have to get a ND filter if i wanna shoot at f/1.4 in full sun.... :-) although, with ISO 50....could still be doable.....i just HOPE they don't have the quality control issues they've been having with the D800....

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 :-) Expect the problems from the d4 and d800 to not be in this new body. BUT Expect all new problems, because it's their first try at cheap full frame.
I suggest letting the ones who "HAVE TO HAVE IT" buy them and then pay attention to the posts from them and see how it's working before buying one.

hmm... Give me a full magnesium alloy body, weather sealing, and 1/8000 shutter speed and I'll happily pay $2000. 51 autofocus points would be nice too! please??

I just sold my D800 and will gladly replace it with the soon to be available D600. I was sure I would love the D800 but it didn't work out for me. Recently I got my D4, which I once thought was never going to see my door, I never touched the D800 again. The D4 image quality is superb as is the burst mode and blindingly fast ability to track a moving subject. I'll bet, because of the incredible advances in sensor technology and firmware, that this will make the D3X [loved that camera!!] pale in comparison. The supposed $1500 sales price is the kicker. I treat my cameras better than most mothers do their new borns, so I don't need incredible durability for a back-up camera.