[News] Nikon Announces the 24.2 Megapixel D3200

[News] Nikon Announces the 24.2 Megapixel D3200

Nikon has just announced the new D3200, an upgrade for the entry-level D3100, with a whopping 24.2 megapixels and some serious bumps in important areas. Full specs after the jump!

For starters, the D3200 got a much newer DX-format CMOS sensor with double the ISO performance (to 6400, up from 3200) and the same Expeed 3 Processor that you get on the incredible Nikon D800 (Which we're giving away soon!). It also shoots an improved 4 frames a second and got a whopping 921k-dot 3" LCD screen, up from the D3100's older 230k-dot screen.

Autofocus remains the same, with Nikon choosing to stick with the 11-point system available in the  D3100, and it also has the same guide mode as the previous model.

The D3200 also shoots 1080p video at either 24 or 30fps, has an HDMI output and features a new 3.5mm microphone input jack.

There's also the option of a $60 wireless adapter that will allow you to connect your D3200 to mobile phones or tablets, giving you the ability to access the camera's live view and control the shutter from your Android or iOS device.

Finally there's price: the camera, bundled with the standard 18-55mm VR kit lens, retails for $700. No word yet on a body-only price.

Oh yeah, and it's also available in red.

Interested? You can preorder the camera at B&H Here.




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Jomar R. Galvez's picture

24? Really? On a beginner camera? I think I've been wasting money in other models.

Sandy Phimester's picture

MEGA PICKLES! Now tons of entry level can feel good, knowing their photos will be better with more megapixels in every shot! Canon will eventually do the same too. And it still won't matter for 99% of shooters. :) Interesting decisions these days.

Patrick Hall's picture

I know it's easy to pick on this camera as an entry level DSLR and of course we will now see a ton of horrible photos that are 24mp....BUT, I've used my D7000 cameras many times for professional shoots and it's exciting to think that even an advanced amateur with a limited budget can now produce high quality images beyond anything previously offered.  

I think it's safe to say that you can't realistically use the D3200 for sports or major events but for the photographer who plans and conceptualizes their shoots this camera will be really amazing 

Loool MP race is NOT over!!!
time to new harddrives.

yeah no kidding! thought the market was past that phase!!

ya looks pretty obvious that all the cameras brands will release form 16 to 35 mp cameras as entry and enthusiastic levels to compete with the nokia mobile 808. remember that people in general still understand quality of the photo or camera related direct with the pixels ..the market has a large pyramidal base on entry levels and this market is in constant fight...to explain to them that camera is not just mp cost more in publicity education then just produce massive 20 mp cameras...    

David Martin's picture

Wireless control for £60 looks great. If it is using a standard PTP interface through the USB (maybe someone will check?) then it should be straightforward to have it work with other models as well.

Hopefully the new models can use it too (D400).


If a 3rd party battery grip becomes available for the D3200, I'd be very tempted.
Really waiting for the D300s successor though, especially if it's FX.

video finally competes with cannon entry levels

Does anybody know when does Nikon will bring the replacement for the D7000????

Shawn Robertson's picture

why would you want a replacement to the D7000? it just came out last year (December 2012 to be exact). the D300s needs a replacement not the D7000.

shawn, D7000 was released last November 2010.. its been awhile now..

There are rumors though about a new D600 "A poor man's FX Camera".

Well this could be amazing of the price, I will be on the look out for more reviews.