Nikon Coolpix A and D7100 Discounted Before Pre-Orders Hit Shelves

Nikon Coolpix A and D7100 Discounted Before Pre-Orders Hit Shelves

Even before the cameras ship, Best Buy looks like they're discounting the D7100 DSLR and Coolpix A models, the latter of which has been the center of recent criticism for its high price in addition to that of compatible accessories. Save $200 on the Coolpix A and $100 on the D7100, officially beginning Thursday.

Last week, I wrote an article on the importance of the Coolpix A as a sign of commitment to a new form factor for larger-sensor cameras. While Nikon's fixed-lens system isn't the most flexible, $900 for what should be a great APS-C sensor (wait for more reviews to get in...we'll see) is pretty darn good. What do you think?

The other odd part is that just about every major camera company, including Nikon, has instituted strict rules on retailers' abilities to sell new products at a discount. Best Buy seems to be breaking from the herd here. Are we going to see these discounts elsewhere soon? Is this all a mistake (likely can order now)? Accepting all comments below!


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I don't know about the States, but in Canada, the last number in the price lets you know what the fate of the product is.  .99 is normal, .95 means it'll be on clearance soon, .97 means it's on clearance and won't be replenished in store (or move as many of these as you can, bundle them, do whatever but get them out!!).  I never understood what .98 meant, I was always told it was a price chosen by market changes or reactions, but that made no sense to me.

So if the U.S. is the same, it's not clearance.

This may be how some places price but it's not something that is a standard outside of how some select business may operate. 

I think that really only applies to how Future Shop and Best Buy Canada operate. I work for a large camera retailer in Canada and we don't follow that number system at all. I used to work at Future Shop and remember the number system.

I think you'll find that no one is yet discounting the D7100 body. What's being discounted is the POS 18-200 lens.

Spy Black's picture

 POS 18-105, get your POS's right dammit!