Zack Arias Claims That The DSLR Is Dead As A Result Of The Fuji X100S

We've all heard of renowned portrait photographer Zack Arias - not only is he a great shooter, but he's got a reputation for making some bold claims. Make no mistake that the Fuji X100S is a great little camera. Small, compact, feature-packed and with great image quality, you've probably heard quite a bit about it lately. But just HOW good is it? Zack Arias says that it's so good, in fact, that the DSLR is dead. Check out the video and let us know if you agree. I've personally used the X100S and while I think it's an awesome little camera, there's just no way it's going to replace all DSLRs any time soon. Obviously Zack's claim is a bit of hyperbole, but how far off is he? I would gladly trade in a DSLR for one of these for street photography, but as far as sports, architecture, and weddings go, the DSLR is still king.

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When it comes to finding a camera to put inside my wife's purse to carry to Disneyland and shoot snapshots of the kids... YES the Fuji X100S reigns king and my DSLR is dead to my wife.

What a stupid thing to say. really stupid- and sexist, too.

Hi Mike Kelley,

If you'll remember the previous conversation about Marshall McLuhan and copyright law then Zack's comments can actually be aided using the same media theory. The simultaneous nature of electronic technology forces it to constantly eliminate linear sequences and that's what is often referred to as "convergence." Of course, most digital photographers think of convergence in terms of having a video camera that also takes still pictures (or something like that etc.) But convergence seeks to eliminate ALL possible sequences. The mirror in a DSLR is one such unnecessary step in the sequence of capturing an image. According to media theory, digital is engaged in the inevitable process of eliminating mirrors from cameras altogether. Does that mean that the "DSLR is dead?" Change is part of a process and doesn't happen overnight, so I wouldn't go so far as to say that DSLRs are dead. However, I would say that the DSLR can no longer seriously be considered the de-facto professional standard for digital and it should continue to lose status as time goes on.

I think most are missing the simple but obvious point: The goal here is for Zack to endorse this camera, and making a bold statement can certainly add value to its marketing (Can we assume Fuji paid for his travel + stay in Turkey?).

The whole point IS for people to disagree with him, or challenge him on his statement, or call it absurd. It creates buzz, gets people to share the story, and most of all, talk about the new Fuji X100s.

After all this, aren't you curious to try this camera for yourself? :-)

You've got some nice work there Michael.

Zack Arias... One day he is taking his PhaseOne for street photo, now he is saying that dSLR is too big :D
Well, in my opinion there are tools for a job. And for travel, street photography the mirrorless are great but dSLR will not be dead for long time.

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He's saying dSLRs are too big because he isn't getting an endorsement deal with Canon like he is with Fiji

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How true #smh!

Those pictures are boring, flat and show how uninspiring this camera can be. Pushes me away from the camera, Istambul and the model.

The fact that you think the camera made photos 'flat' and 'boring' says more about you than the camera.

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Well said. I was looking for a way to respond to that.
Thank you for saving me the trouble

Those are some great vacation photos dad.

At minute 4:30 he does qualify his comments. Consumer camera.

Zack Arias la lechita pa'l chamaco...

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Hopefully FS were paid well to be part of this shill...