Zack Arias Claims That The DSLR Is Dead As A Result Of The Fuji X100S

We've all heard of renowned portrait photographer Zack Arias - not only is he a great shooter, but he's got a reputation for making some bold claims. Make no mistake that the Fuji X100S is a great little camera. Small, compact, feature-packed and with great image quality, you've probably heard quite a bit about it lately. But just HOW good is it? Zack Arias says that it's so good, in fact, that the DSLR is dead. Check out the video and let us know if you agree. I've personally used the X100S and while I think it's an awesome little camera, there's just no way it's going to replace all DSLRs any time soon. Obviously Zack's claim is a bit of hyperbole, but how far off is he? I would gladly trade in a DSLR for one of these for street photography, but as far as sports, architecture, and weddings go, the DSLR is still king.

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That's means we'll never see him again shooting with a DSLR?

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I walked around the world with a Leica M2-M4-M6 with a 35mm lens mounted for almost 50 years, without ever once thinking that the SLR was dead.

olympus omd em5 is way way better and is the same price..

I have both X100S and Canon DSLRs. Indeed it's one of good cameras, but I can't take photos of moving objects with mirrorless/compact cameras. And When I checked X-Pro1's OVF and X-E1's EVF today at a big camera store, I checked EOS 100D too. It costs lower than X-Pro1/X-E1 with one Fujinon lens, and the finder is far better than X-Pro1's OVF and X-E1's EVF, and AF is much faster and accurate. I think that the mirrorless is dead. :-p

I agree 100%. I have both a DSLR and the x100s. I have no plans to get rid of my DSLR kit. Both have pros and cons. I will say it's better to have both than to have to choose one over the other.

Fine I'll just buy a pro DSLR when the prices come down because of this DSLR killer if that happens.

as much as i appreciate zack, his statement that DSLR's are dead bothers me a lot and honestly his current attitude has lost points with me on what worth his word holds. this is the guy that brought us the one light dvd and how he's head over heels for some off brand of the industry in a 1950's body style. i'm sure i enjoy snapshots in asia as much as the next guy but back here in reality this is tourist level bullshit. if it was the same setup in chicago or atlanta it would be boring.

x100s is not likely to replace DSLR.. i am pretty sure about that...

My respects to Zack. I own a X100S and a DSLR. I also shot Istanbul with a Sony NEX-5.

I do agree with a lot of the comments. He is saying this is the best thing ever and honestly the pictures are lousy. I was searching for good pictures from the X100S and came to this article.

Let's leave aside his relation with Fuji (who seems to be marketing their products really well), I just don't see any magic in the pictures that make me jump into a X100S (that I already own).

Hopefully this article allows comments. I'm so disappointed on this guy that I'm glad I didn't go to his workshop.