Arkadiusz Makowski Shoots Radiant Photos of Butterflies

Arkadiusz Makowski Shoots Radiant Photos of Butterflies

Polish photographer Arkadiusz Makowski has captured butterflies in an absolutely radiant light. Now I like butterflies as much as the next guy (which means I think they're cool, but I don't fawn over them), but these make me see the colorful winged insects in a whole new light. Now stop reading this and look at these pictures.

Makowski does more than just butterflies, so make sure you check out his whole collection of fantastic images at his website.

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Jan Dallas's picture

Totally gorgeous and radiant. Not radient.


gregvdv's picture

beautiful work!, some pictures are so beautiful they seem unreal. how did he managed to get such a background on #16 for example? same thing for 

please explain I'm very curious to know.

Very Nice.  5 and 16 are my faves.

Polak Potrafi

Polak się odezwał. lol

 Troszke Lepszy od ciebie :)


Lorenzo P's picture

Truly amazing stuff!!!!! 

Dzięki za uznanie i zapraszam :)))
Pozdo Maka