David McLain and the Sony a99

David McLain has made his life's work traveling the globe capturing stunning images for different editorial magazines. With seven feature articles in National Geographic, he knows his way around a quality image and what it takes to get one. During this interview, he steps back and talks through the camera work available in Sony's new a99 camera and the ways it will help him continue to capture incredible moments. 


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Nicholas's picture

I love how the photographer caught that little slit of light back lighting the gentleman testing the wine. Beautifully done.

When my wife started shooting a few years ago, we looked at several different cameras.  Eventually she picked up the SLT A55 and fell in love with it.  I made the decision to purchase the camera because of how inspired she was when she held the camera: I could see the wheels in her head turning. 

I totally agree with your statement.  The camera is a tool.  If you like your tools, you'll want to use them more. 

Marko Puljić's picture

how much sony paid him? :P

Tomas's picture

 how much pentax paid you :D

Eugene G's picture

it's just to show that it's a camera that delivers in a pair of good hands. I'd seen people did terrible photography with 1DX, D4... u know what i meant

Mike Folden's picture

Damn, Sony continues to impress me. I love that they do 1080/60fps. 

I was wondering about the first shot of the man tasting  the wine. Do you think ! --- was manually or program [ mode} I love the shot. Im a nikon shooter. Good images - sony 

Maurice Waters's picture

Cannot wait for mine to arrive, ordered a few weeks ago with the Zeiss 24-70 and now just waiting on stock, if it is 1% better than the 77 its going to be amazing