Canon and Nikon Take Their Lens Battle to the Chessboard

The guys at got bored during their move to a new work space. So they dug up some tiles and a $%!^ ton of Canon and Nikon lenses in order to created a chessboard. What started out as idol play is now a camera geek's dream come true. You can rent this chess set for $9,221 per week or shell out the $151,202 in lenses to possess your very own and always have back ups.


"Here at Lensrentals, we know the major problem most of our customers face: You still appreciate fine camera equipment, but you’re just tired of taking photographs right now. You want something different. Something you can share with your friends, perhaps. Something subtle and understated, but demonstrating your appreciation for fine photography equipment.

You’ve probably thought (and who hasn’t) “I wonder what the guys at Lensrentals do in their spare time, when they’re tired of taking photographs?”

Why we play Chess, of course!! Now you can play just like we do: rent the Official Lensrentals Chess Set! It’s just the thing to improve attendance at your next local Photography Club meeting. Now you can finally answer the age old question “Which is better? Canon or Nikon?”

The complete 32 piece set includes 70-200 f/2.8 pawns, 600mm f/4 Kings and 500mm f4 Queens, 400mm f/2.8 Bishops, 300mm f/2.8 Knights, and 200mm f/2.0 Rooks in black (Nikon) and white (Canon). If you don’t already have an appropriate size chess board we will throw in a complete set of 32 white and 32 black stick-on 12" square vinyl tiles so you can create your own.

BTW – all pieces have Image Stabilization (AKA Vibration Reduction) to make sure every move is smooth.

You’ll have to call us for an accurate shipping quote, but shipping should range between $1,100 and $2,400 round trip depending on your location.

Please note: If after renting the Lensrentals Chess Set you decide you just have to have one of your very own (or perhaps need a gift for that special photographer in your life), they are available for purchase for $151,202.17. But move quickly, this won’t last long at this price. Once the Canon Mk II Supertelephoto lenses are released the price will increase substantially.

Special Offer: Purchase the Lensrentals Chess Set before September 1st and we will include at no extra charge a Lensrentals Let Biogons be Biogons T-shirt, a $13 value!!!!"

I know it's absurd but honestly, wouldn't you love to once, just once play on this board just to say you did?
via [CanonRumors], [LensRentals]
From Kenn:
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Wished I had all of these lenses (Canon) in my arsenal and of course my wife would love to have all of the Nikon Lenses.  I don't know how this worked out initially but it has its benefits of not worrying about the other borrowing your lense.  The downside is that it costs twice as much to outfit each others inventory! :)

BTW  White Queen always start on White Square and Black Queen always start on Black Square.


It's great, but I'd love to see this with the images changing not quite so fast.  You hardly get a chance to appreciate what you're looking at.  Other than that, this is awesome.

The trick is to view it on a computer with 256MB of RAM or less. That will totally slow the animation down. :P But ya man, you're right, I should have thrown some static images in this post.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Like the Jedi and the Sith!


Kenn, how are you suppose to TEASE me with this, without buying me the 200 f/2 dream lens?  :/

I'll send you my shipping address shortly.  =D

Lol.  I'll tell you what.  The day I buy this set I promise to send you a 200 f/2.  You maybe waiting a long long while. :P