Cool 3D Lenticular Image Series for Halloween

Cool 3D Lenticular Image Series for Halloween

The Brookyln-based team known as The Saline Project, made up of animator Liam Kirtley, designer Jesse Roff, brothers Adam Toht and Ben Toht are putting together a great series of 3D lenticular images titled: Monsters, Villains, Heroes And Victims (MHVF). So far only 3 of the images are in circulation with another 10 on the way. Just in time for Halloween.

"We photograph and do everything (costume, hair, makeup etc) in house at our studio. We cut up and dimensionalize the photograph in computer. We design the background using location photos we’ve taken over the years, and 3D models. Creating the space and getting the dimension right has been one of the most difficult parts."

The Saline Project have also worked on videos for The Roots, The Cure, and Eminem to name a few.

via [Visualnews]

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Sweet. I'd love to learn the process by which to create a lenticular photo. What a great tool for a story.

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Wow, amazing. I had this video with a similar tecnique: AMPED 3D Project selected by

Someone has taken the stereography waaaay further:

^^^^ That deserves a post of it's own. 10 5D II's... that's a crazy amount of frames.

that definitely does :)

the second one down is the most impressive. Also, Marian, thanks for that link. It was very cool to see this technique used in a dark, stylized music video.