Landscape Photography In the Studio

Landscape Photography In the Studio

Canadian-Hungarian artist Eszter Burghardt, based in Vancouver BC (represent!) has photographed some amazing landscapes from the comfort of her own studio. All it took was some edibles elements or wool, lighting, a keen understanding of DOF (depth of field), the talent of a sculptor and the inspiration she gained from her time and studies in Iceland. Ok, so that's a lot but you can draw from your own experiences and know-how to turn out some awesomely creative work too.



via [Colossal]

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Does the super shallow dof on some of the photos bother anybody aside from me?

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You're kidding right?  Without the super shallow DOF these would just look like piles of lint and crumbs.  It's impossible to make these objects look like landscapes otherwise.

Sean Shimmel's picture

I agree. It works beautifully.

The shallowness creates the "magical realism" of it all. The fun surprise of the double take.

 I actually agree with Adam here. On most of the photos I would say that a super shallow DOF is done beautifully, but some of them I would like to see just a little bit more detail. Not a lot, but just a little bit.

It does bother me a bit but I think it's more where the focal point is on some of them.
Maybe they could have been at f4 instead of f0,95 or whatever they were shot at so the transitions weren't so harsh. overall I love the idea and there are some great shots in here!


Another booooring tilt-shift landscape gallery. Oh, wait...

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Interesting idea, that's for sure. I love the thought process that brings people to go, 'I can't go there so I'll make it here.'

Cool idea, but the shallow DOF gives me a headache.

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I actually think they're beautifully done. Shows a lot more creativity than most people put out these days.

Wow these are fantastic!