[News] Fujifilm Price-Increase Imminent

[News] Fujifilm Price-Increase Imminent

First lenses across the board, and now film -- Fuji will raise its film prices by a substantial amount. With Kodak having dropped its chrome production, Fuji is left on its own. Kodak does still produce C-41 color and B+W film, but will they be forced to raise prices, too, in the coming months? Stock up now while you can still afford to!

Read the statement below or at this link.

FUJIFILM Corporation has announced that it will implement a worldwide price increase for its photographic films. The price increases are substantial and it would be double digit, but will vary depending on products, markets and regions.

1. Products:
Photographic Films: Color Negative Films, Color Reversal Films, Black and White Films, and Quick Snap.
2. Date of Price Increases: Effective from May 2012

The demand for film products is continuously decreasing, yen's appreciation and the cost of production, such as raw materials, oil and energy, continues to rise or stay at high level. Under such circumstances, despite our effort to maintain the production cost, Fujifilm is unable to absorb these costs during the production process and is forced to pass on price increases.

To sustain its photo imaging business, Fujifilm has decided to increase the price of photographic films.

Fujifilm remains committed to photographic products and asserts that even with the new price. Its photographic products remain exceptionally good value compared with other system products.

The new pricing structure will be applied to each market based on its individual conditions.

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me cries 

Sandy Phimester's picture

Sucks! What's worse is 400H in 220 is only sold in Japan. Ugh! I'll keep buying though. Same with Kodak, keep it up. Love the products. 

RUSS's picture

I don't miss the film days.
The waiting for it to be developed and be delivered.
The annoyance of finding out, a light leak caused problems ( which some shmucks now think is a great app effect, and looks soooo great, grrrr )I have not used my film cameras in a long while.
And with my D2x shutter count now at 189,061 ive saved a bit of cash on film purchase and developing costs.

Shame I'm a student styling photography huge film user and lover this is going to effect me i hope its no a huge rise in price