[News] Photoshopping the Truth (scandalous)

[News] Photoshopping the Truth (scandalous)

There are questions regarding the church’s wealth in Russian which have recently received a lot of press due to a scandal over photographs of it's leader wearing an enormously expensive watch. The Russian Orthodox Church seemingly had editors doctor a photograph, on their site, of the leader Patriarch Kirill I, in attempt to obscure a $30,000 watch that he has claimed to not exist. The amateur shop job extended a black sleeve where there once appeared to be a Breguet timepiece but somehow managed to forget to remove the reflection of the watch.

The church apologized for the deception calling it a “technical mistake" and restored the original photo to the site even though Patriarch Kirill himself insisted that he had never worn the watch, and that any photos showing him wearing it must have been doctored to put the watch on his wrist.

Let this be a lesson to you all. If you can afford a 30K watch, stay of craigslist and hire a proper touch up artist.

The Original Photo

A blogger's does some photo manipulations of his own, removing Kirill and keeping the watch.

via [NewYorkTimes]

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 in Russia

Seshan's picture

"The church apologized for the deception calling it a “technical mistake”" Yes, The technical mistake was the fact that they missed photoshopping out the reflection. 

Russian Orthodox Churches all around the world use donated money for themselves. "That's a fact Jack" Yet the brainwashed religious fanatics who praise the church and continue to be poor, allow their ridiculous beliefs to stand in the way of what non believers call "reality"

The unfortunate thing is the parents pass on these beliefs to their kids. 
These people need a serious wake up call.

Keep your money in your pocket.

Before you play the 'reality' card you should define your terms.  Is that the materialist, Hindu, Buddhist, Biblical, Aristotle, or Plato definition of reality?

Isn't cs5's content aware just great? :L

The fact that they make people believe in an imaginary God is not a deception eh?

RUSS's picture

I myself won't cut down anyone's beliefs in religion. 
A church to me, is just a gathering place. I'd donate my money by purchasing food or clothing and donating that to homeless shelters. Before giving it to a church.
We do not need a church or mosque to worship our gods. We just need to believe and practice what is written in the book we believe in.
That can be done anywhere.

"I myself won't cut down anyone's beliefs in religion.  " .....yet, you follow by telling everyone they don't need a church or mosque to worship in.  Is this what 'your' book teaches?  ...interesting religion I must say!

Chris Helton's picture

Russ isnt cutting it down. Just said in his own opinion people dont HAVE TO HAVE a church to worship in. If he said, people who need a church are stupid... then he would be cutting down. Tom, you want to get to some of the 'books' that say, convert others or kill them?? Why you want to pick at someone like Russ w/ good ideas?

forget the $30,000 watch...... what about the $50,000 ball cap he is wearing :/

How do we know it's a $30,000 watch? We can tell this by the reflection?