Unbelievable Liquid Flower Photography Takes Patience, Dedication, Artistry

Unbelievable Liquid Flower Photography Takes Patience, Dedication, Artistry

At the beginning of the year we brought you a post featuring Jack Long's Fluid Sculptures but since then Jack has taken his already impressive technique and made it even more amazing with his latest series, Vessels and Blooms. Jack not only seems to be growing fluid flowers but his mastery of his craft as well
Jack Long: "Wanted to advance my fluid suspension/high speed photography to a higher level. I created the liquid Vase in the autumn of 2011. I worked on creating the floral forms and leaves through the winter and put it all together Spring 2012. All of my images, unless otherwise noted are single capture events. I do not use photoshop to create composited images. What you see is what occurred in that single exposure."

via [LaughingSquid]

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Patience maybe? That is important for sure! These really are incredible!

Jeff DeNapoli's picture

Looks awesome! I think you mean "patience" in the title?

Damn it!  Thanks guys.  I do that every single time! o_O

did anyone ever figure out how he does it.... this kind of reminds me of non-newtonian fluid on a speaker...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw4qklgNIxI&feature=related

Brad Johnson's picture

Amazing!  Well done sir.

Thank You

Pretty awesome.

they're probably squirting it out of a tube with a certain shaped tip to create the shape.

Awesome! is there a how to video anywhere?

Hmm funny you should mention that,   not YET.