Watch Camera Tutorials Right on Your Canon DSLR Screen

Watch Camera Tutorials Right on Your Canon DSLR Screen

Would you like to take full advantage of your shiny new Canon 5D Mark III's 1,040,000 dot Clear View II TFT LCD screen and maybe learn something new at the same time? Then you should check out Canon's product page, where you can find “on-camera tutorials” for your specific camera model. That's right you can watch tutorials right off the back of your camera. Simply choose your model and then click “On-Camera Tutorials” just below the Camera's name to find the downloads. Sadly, you do have to jump through a few hoops to get the videos onto your card but don't let that stop you. Get the instructions here.

On-Camera Tutorials Download Pages for:
Canon EOS 5D MK II
Canon EOS 1D X
Canon EOS 1D MK IV
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 60D

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Jens Marklund's picture

Broken link.

All links works fine :-)

Julian Maytum's picture

"Get the instructions here" link is indeed broken.

Kenn Tam's picture

That link opens a .pdf file.  If it doesn't work for you my guess is you're on a PC/Windows based machine that has yet to have a .pdf reader installed.

I didn't work for me either. It just gives me this message:  "You don't have permission to access '' on this server.
Reference #24.c534dfad.1342709351.fe8e42"

  When I click on the link it's dead in Chrome...but when I right click (again in chrome) on the the link and click on "open link in new tab" it works fine. thought I would share. 

no t3i?

The videos doesn't work on my 5DMKII.  Downloaded the newest Imagebrowser and followed the instructions word by word.  All I get is "cannot play back image"

Any ideas?

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

Why would anyone want to view these tutorials on your camera? Especially considering all the other options available, IE: Laptop, Desktop, Phone, and iPad???