We Can Explain: An Educational Ad Campaign

We Can Explain: An Educational Ad Campaign

The advertising agency Rethink has developed some awesome work for their client Science World over the years. Catching people's attention in the midst of their busy lives is a difficult thing to do well. Combining weird facts with strong visuals is in my opinion what makes these work so effectively. Also the fact that they offer no explanation for the facts presented. Instead you have a call to action to go to the museum to learn.


After looking at all the ads created I couldn't help but look up these facts myself since I probably won't make it to the actual museum. Thankfully Science World's website has a running list of really cool and really weird facts, as well as their explanations.

Check it out here

I know the photography in the ads is nothing special (in fact most don't use much at all, if any), but that's not really the point. More often than not visual artists rely solely on images to sell themselves. Obviously the image is important, but what is more important than that by far is capturing and keeping someone's attention. Art buyers see countless images each day. The clients looking to hire a portrait or wedding photographer are looking at more work than just yours. Effective marketing is all about getting your name to be the one on people's minds.

What are you doing in your marketing to make your audience remember you?

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