Lee Morris Attempts To Shoot A Rolex Watch

Lee Morris Attempts To Shoot A Rolex Watch

As I said on the front page I am not a product photographer so I had to figure out a lot of this as I was shooting. If you have any helpful comments leave them below.

Photograph a Rolex watch, product photography lighting techniques from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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Hey man, nice stuff... you didn't mention it so I'm not sure if it was on purpose or pure dumb luck, but the watch was set to 10:10, which is the de facto time for all pro watch-ad shots since it 1)doesn't hide the brand name generally at the top middle, and 2)it's a subtle smiley-face which makes potential buyers feel warm and fuzzy. At any rate, you did it so rock and roll.

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I read something like this once before and every Rolex is set to this time so I thought I should do the same :)

I've seen this picture on your website and it's great to see how it was made. Great job guys!

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Dale, good to hear from you. You ever finished that last video?

Since your in the studio, why not get the background, table top, and watch lit in one go and skip the photoshop?

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I don't think its possible. The watch needs to be lit with so many different reflectors and flags that you could never get a background looking normal or "well lit". Check out Rolex.com everything has been shot in layers.

I cannot wait to see the video of the actual Rolex photographer! Working on this shoot really made me appreciate what they do. If you have not already spent hours on their site yet, check out www.Rolex.com and be prepared to be amazed

This is very well done!
Informative and great how you reflect on your rational behind steps. Most pros just show off in their videos, yours is very helpful!
Thanks a lot and please post more.
All the best from Berlin/Germany,

the time is 2 minutes off ;)
Watches in watch ads ALWAYS show 10:10. (I got that from a random facts app on my phone, but living in Zurich, Switzerland, I've been given a thousand different ads and once I had read that, I started noticing it is in fact true :))

Great job in any case :)

Hey Lee, found this incredibly useful! Final shot was nice.

On a side note, I like the fact you use dell!


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Thanks Harvinder... isn't it funny, I am a photographer that hates Mac... I can't live without my iPhone though

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Check out Rolex.com all of the watches are set to 10:11. They must have wanted to be a little different :)

@ Lee: Rolexes are always set at 10:10:31 for their product shots - they "cheat" though, none of the watches used in the shots have any interals, making it easier to get the time spot-on...

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So my friend calls me while Im watching the video and asks what I was doing, so I told him I was watching a video of a guy taking a picture of a watch. After a second he says "I never want to hear you complain about me watching golf and saying how boring it is." Hes got a point... great video though.

Great video and great shot. This inspired me to give it a try on my new Tissot. I don't think my turned out quite as well and I'd love any feedback on making it better. Thanks!