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A few weeks ago we created a post that showed a few shots from what I believe will be our most popular Fstoppers video yet. I am currently editing the video and I hope to have it finished some time next week. Until then I thought it would be fun for you guys to critique my favorite shot from the shoot and then when the video launches we can see if your opinions change. Please visit the new critique section of our forum here and let the bashing begin.


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Jerrit Pruyn's picture

was this shot on a canon with all that noise...?

And the nikon users rejoiced.

I love it, coz i couldn't shoot like that :D

Nour El Refai's picture

I am curious to know how a BTS video can change someone's opinion on a shot (the end product), I mean if I said that I find the highlights confusing, but I don't mind the warm colors, and that it is too noisy for my style, I already formed an opinion on the result regardless how you reached it, the BTS will only be interesting (as always) to see how you reached a certain result, but it can't change my opinion on the final shot.

Waiting for the BTS :)

Lee Morris's picture

Well to a certain extent you are right. But if I told you I shot this with a 50mp hassleblad you may critique it differently then if I shot it on a Polaroid point and shoot.

Maybe your critique will change, maybe it won't, but either way it will be interesting.

Not a huge fan of the composition. The lighting gear and hair take away from the subject. Maybe if we could see her eyes it would engage the viewer, but the focal point of this image seems to be the lighting and not the model. Is what you were going for? I too am curious so see what insight the BTS video has to offer. -Nick

Patrick Hall's picture

After getting a lot of crap for one of my favorite images, it only seems obvious to point out that you picked out an image where the model looks like she's ASLEEP!

I've never been a great fan of seeing the flash in the back but it really getting "in" to do this :)

The picture itself is great to look at, not a lot of flare so good job here.

Pros: Great exposure, nice expression, the photo has some energy in it so it's great.
Cons: I don't like to see the cables on the background, we see them a bit too much.. it would be ok to see them but on my calibered monitor, those on the left side are just too bright.


I personally like this image. I think the cables are fine as long as they pertain to the production side of a studio image. Almost a photojournalistic viewpoint on a fashion model shoot. In that context it relates to the image.

It would be interesting to know what's the purpose of this shoot, and maybe that would explain the styling, cause it seems dated.

Patrick Hall's picture

The video is coming out next week. And when you watch it, you will realize it is a very dated 4 week old video. The PS effect on this image might be what makes it look dated in color; ever heard of alien skin?

<i>Ghislain - I’ve never been a great fan of seeing the flash in the back but it really getting “in” to do this :)</i>

Possibly because they have them and want other people to see they have them. I don't like it either. Who's like are those? Paparazzi? Do they use studio strobes? Maybe it's to look glamorous which maybe it does.

Same with sun flare. That used to be a mistake and it still looks bad to me. With these it's like, hey, you accidentally left your background light(s) in the shot.

Fire the makeup artist, skin tone balance is off