First Kiss Video A Hoax?

First Kiss Video A Hoax?

First Kiss - a short video directed by Tatia Pilieva and uploaded to Youtube has gone viral overnight. In just one day the black and white video spotlighting the first moments of physical intimacy between two people, has received over 11 million views and is still going strong. Tatia Pilieva got 20 strangers together, paired them up, and asked them to kiss for the first time in front of her camera. When the strangers have finished embracing, we all just want to stand up and slow clap. But wait... one thing the video doesn't publicize is that it's an advertisement for a clothing line. First Kiss was posted on WREN Studios twitter page today with the accompanying caption "To celebrate the debut of our Fall 14 collection, we asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time."


Knowing it's an ad is initially forgivable until you realize that the majority of the people kissing are actors and models. Then the veil of whimsy is gone and all that's left is another well planned, viral advertisement and our suspension of disbelief.

The cast includes models Natalia Bonifacci, Ingrid Schram, and Langley Fox (daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and sister of model Dree); musicians Z Berg of The Like, Damian Kulash of OK Go, Justin Kennedy of Army Navy, singer Nicole Simone, and singer-actress Soko (who also performed the melancholy indie music that accompanies the short); and actors Karim Saleh,  Matthew Carey,  Jill LarsonCorby Griesenbeck,  Elisabetta Tedla,  Luke Cook, and Marianna Palka.

Slate writer Amanda Hess provides great insight about the advertisement "Is it really unexpectedly touching that when gorgeous and charismatic Italian models, French actors, indie band leaders, and Hollywood royalty get together to kiss one another—under a soundtrack that prompts, "If you're not ready for love, how can you be ready for life?”— the results are "beautiful"?"

[Via Slate]

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E Port's picture

A lesson we all know too well in photography. If it's too perfect, it's probably shopped.

Akin to how I call Conceptual photography, Computer Art.

Yep, gay propaganda video just as I said it was.. I hope enjoyed being punked, sheeple! Ha!


go back to NAMBLA you professional creeper.

Matt Dutile's picture

I feel sorry for the cloud of hate that surrounds your life. It must be terribly disparaging to wake up each day in a noxious plague of ignorance and bigotry.

Read the second amendment. Please. It takes less than 90 seconds to google it and read it.

I don't like all the crap slinging because of the article by the slate writer. Fake? How exactly is this video fake?

Let's evaluate what the creator told us... 20 strangers kissing for the first time. Is that what we we were given? Yes. Is there any reason to believe that this was more staged than originally presented (multiple takes, coaching, etc)? No, there is not. Instead what some enterprising writer did was look up the people listed in the credits. Smh!

Let me ask this. Does ones profession take away from ones humanity? Does a first kiss become less awkward because a person is an actor or a model? Is it possible for even a whore to maintain enough of their humanity for a first kiss to still be spontaneous and authentic?

Sure we can be cynical and say that some of these people (and I stress some because not all of their fame implies in any way an ability to reduce to insane amount of awkwardness of a first kiss) were trained to have skills that could possibly make this video less than authentic (here's looking at you actors). But lets be mindful that even these actors practice things like kissing and lovemaking scenes repeatedly until they become natural looking. Why? Because at first occurrence they are hella awkward!

Geez, I'm sorry. That slate article was a huge piece of crap that tries to undermine someones genuinely creative piece of art. It was beautiful because of and despite who the people involved were. Our natural human awkwardness at first brush with intimacy is not something that very many careers can overcome.

ugh. lighten up, it's fake after all.

This article is not bashing what they did or the creative people behind it. It's all a marketing ploy. They first come out with the viral video and then a bunch of sites call it a hoax to get us to click on it. It worked. We're talking about it even more now. The fact that they used the word HOAX in big red letters (when it's clear it's not a hoax) should've been the first clue this was all a big marketing scheme.

Guys, they were ACTING since they are ACTORS ! IT WAS AN ACT. That's all. Nothing genuine.

Only a few of them were actors. Others are models and band members.....they do not get paid to "act" and a first kiss is awkward and becomes more natural and more beautiful in time.

Yes, because only thin beautiful strangers can kiss..

Greg Tennyson's picture

So your beef is that the video doesn't include any fat ugly people? That's typically the criteria when you're trying to create something that's pleasing to watch.