Fstoppers is HIRING Two Junior Writers!

Fstoppers is HIRING Two Junior Writers!

We are looking for someone based in the United States or Canada who likes to stay on top of news and interesting stories relating to photography and videography. They must have a passion for finding the obscure, amazing stuff online that people love.

If you’re interested in writing for us, send us an email to lauren@fstoppers.com and write "Fstoppers Job Opening" in the subject line. Include a few sentences about yourself and why you'd make a great addition to the team. Your ability to write is very important.

Please DO NOT send us a resume.

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Me. Please hire me!

pfft. i can barely write a good caption. good luck to whomever applies.

In that case, you are the perfect candidate for Fstoppers.

- Adobe is the worst, amiriteguyz?!
- Press release from Adobe
- copy/paste story from Canon/Nikon/Sony Rumors to get fanboys arguing
- Wahh wahh, craiglist/momtographers/etc is roonin teh industry to get the internet pros arguing
- copy/paste press release from *.company
- look at this crazy video from DigitalRev/LensRentals/Phlearn that if you were interested in, you already saw because you follow them
- here is a news item from last week that has some really tentative link to photography, like a bear that knocked over a garbage can outside Adorama or something

Am I hired?

I'm interested.. but I'm from England. What's the reason for only accepting US or Canadian citizens?

Lauren Jonas's picture

We can only issue payment to US and Canada.

Facundo Luzardo's picture

Hi! That´s understandable and just fine. BUT, even without your stats, I´m guessing that your international audience has a bit of weight.
For example, I´m from all the way in the south of South America, Uruguay. I think it would be great to have more guest international writers. I´m sure there are a lot of photographers who would not mind once in a while writing a free article with a different perspective, taking in consideration trends or anything that might be different for someone from a different culture.
I mean, if you can´t pay, for some people like me, it would be worth the work only for the potential traffic on our websites, etc...
Just a thought.

Jason Vinson's picture

lots of haters in here... if you think you can do better then now is your chance... step up, or shut up...

John White's picture

Applied. 3rd time is a charm!

looking forward to possibility. I sent out that email!

Greg Tennyson's picture

Expect an email from me later!

So what's the salary? Kinda makes a difference.

E Port's picture

So that I can face the well of infinite hate from the internet?!? I'll let the FStaffers continue their brave journey without me.