Who Are You People?

Recently I have been meeting random people who are Fstoppers readers. Sometimes they are professional photographers, sometimes they don't own anything more than a point and shoot camera. It got me wondering... who is our average reader (or in our case, watcher)? Click on one of the options below and let's find out!

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Lee Morris's picture

If you did the old poll please do this one as well. The previous poll I had was ugly so I found a better company.

What's "You People" supposed to mean?

Patrick Hall's picture

Thanks everyone who has responded! This is really good info to know as we start targeting our content more towards our readers. I guess non photographers don't like watching bts videos ha.

Where's the Photography student option?!?

(I selected Part Time Professional because I figure that's closest...)

I'm an amateur 35mm film SLR shooter. I haven't been shooting long but Ill stay strictly on film for several more months before integrating digital. I just found this site and I gotta say I love the BTS videos.