Who Is Waiting Until The Last Minute?

We are currently in the middle of a contest where we are giving away a Canon 7D or Nikon D300s to the creator of the best behind the scenes video. So far we have not had very many submissions but I keep talking to people who tell me that they are still editing their video but it will be in by the deadline (August 1). How many people are waiting until the last minute? You now have exactly 2 weeks to finish. If you are planning to submit a contest entry please leave a comment below with a little info about the type of video you are creating.

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i just finished filming day one of my shoot today, its a behind the scenes of a "story" of a pan handler who receives a poster of a contest to play his guitar. He then makes his way downtown, and plays in the competition and ends up winning. Its all being filmed on a iphone 3gs. Day two is happening sunday sometime. I hope to have the video up before the deadline!

I'm trying to put together two natural light videos with some photoshop tossed in there. Should be done next week *fingers crossed*

Well i was supposed to do a bts on a video game character shoot but we had a location mishap and never rescheduled. I have a band promo shoot in the works right now and if i can get that ironed out, i will make a bts for it and send it in.

Well, I'm trying to get something arranged for the end of the month - I'd do it sooner, except my mother *insists* on dragging me off on 'holiday' for a week.

"No problem!" I hear you say, "Shoot something on holiday!"

Yeah, right. Thing is, I'll be in a monastery. No jokes.


We are doing a vampire shoot and We'll be recording a behind the scene of the shoot. We'll submit the video ASAP! :D

Shoot postponed form last Wednesday to this Wednesday, BTS vid being filmed that day and then edited over next weekend.


I am one of those guy's. I'm going to do a photo shoot of my Singer Vogue from 1965 with a model, a classic.
And I thought I would be a great example for this 'cause the equipment I have is only a Nikon D40, no flash, strobes or soft boxes, so I'll do my best to show you how I do my low budget productions, in this case a NO BUDGET production.

Keep the good work, you are a great website, and I see you like an inspiration/e-learning platform.

Really good job. You have my support.

Marco Faria

I'm working on a low budget bts video that will be incorporating many elements from camera and lighting tech all the way to almost a bts of the video itself. Should have it edited and submitted 2 days before deadline. Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

Definitely have a video coming in of a street photography shoot from Cairo Egypt! Looking to hit a different angle then the videos that iv seen so far... Im refreshing the contest submission page every day to see what new is coming in!

Phase 1 of my BTS shoot is done, mountain chase shots, staged sunset car shots, garage and interior shots. I have a studio rented for 6 hours on Wednesday to shoot Phase 2 so the plan is to have all the images finished next week, then the last week will be video editing. Our entry will come between the 28th-31st, and will definitely be quite long and detailed.

Just posted mine a few minutes ago. Might have another one right at deadline if things line up but had to get at least one in!!!!1

My BTS video is going to be shot on my birthday the 25th it'll be about circus freaks/killers/ with a ringmaster/puppet master.. Something along those lines. I'm going to be using two strobes and taking a few frames which will be stitched together in Photoshop. I will probably be done editing the video three days after the shoot since I'm no pro at Premiere.

My video is the video above! Finished it a while back… But It was a lot of work. The video was created with primarily the 5dmk2 and the 50mm 1.2 . Stedicam work was involved along with lots of editing in Final Cut Pro. There was a lot of pre-planning in this one. I had to figure out what to shoot ahead of time, with an event that was essentially live. Then afterwords performing the interview and coaching the client a little to maintain the direction that was desired. http://vimeo.com/12140183

I am a true fan of fstoppers! I can't wait to pay forward the knowledge, fun and encouragement you and other great resources have provided me. I must say, though, I think the delays of videos being submitted for the contest are proof that sometimes you do need the right tools to get the task done.

You picked perfectly the 2 cameras that can spring an advanced amateur or better, up to another level. But I find it a bit ironic that the only ones able to compete (or rather, the only ones able to compete right now) are photographers who already have a 5d Mk 2, maybe a crew and sweet editing software. It takes longer than those who got it.

I got a 40d some lenses and a mac. I don't even have video on my cell. I can voice over a sweet slideshow, certainly, but that isn't what you are asking for. I'm NOT complaining about what I have. I can say without ego that I'm good no matter the camera. I merely stating that it is hard to perform video when you don't have video and asking, sincerely, what would you do?

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I would either borrow a point and shoot from a friend that had video or team up with a talented video guy and split the prize.

I only recently discovered FStoppers, so I am working to put together something for the contest. I have a shoot on the 25th, and plan on working out the BTS video for submission by the 1st. All that can go wrong is everything.

Hey! I'm in the post production phase of my bts. It's based on photographer Ben Wong. You can see a "trailer" here...http://www.vimeo.com/13298767
It's going to be great! Stay tuned!

I'm waiting, but not until the last minute! In fact, I'm not waiting, I'm preparing! :)
Tomorrow is the so long awaited photoshoot!

I am waiting till the last minute! Planning on doing a promo for a local band, and filiming and commenting on the shoot, should be fun !

Just did the shoot (the easy part) now for the BTS edit..

Working on my BTS now. Can you post two BTS videos for entry? I am doing two amazing shoots for an amateur photographer as young as I am. This is a really cool contest! I too only recently discovered FStoppers and love it. The videos you have are amazing. Thanks

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Yep you can submit as many videos as you want. There are very few rules for this contest. Just make sure you follow everything mentioned in the contest video at fstoppers.com/contest

I would love to enter, however my camera does not have video capability :(

I plan on submitting a video of a motorcycle shoot.

I am planning to submit a video half behind the scenes/ half tutorial about infrared photography

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that could be cool Amber, I know nothing about IR photography

Last week I shot a pretty crappy behind the scenes video of shooting a 360 animation of an object that's highly reflective and weighs 1 ton.....

Right now it's all just RAW video though, need to take a night to make it watchable....

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After working out how to make my Canon 40D to record HD tethered to my computer i will be doing a video on a home studio setup for white seamless. It for all of us without the access to lots of space and a few tips on setting it all up.

Editing footage of an outdoor "vehicle" shooting right now, will keep me busy a couple of days... Hope to submit at the weekend.


I'm On!! I want that cameraaaa!! I'll make my BTS of an outdoor photoshoot this weekend, wait for meee!! :D :D :D