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The First Knockoff D800 MB-D12 Grip Has Arrived

When Nikon first released the MB-D12 battery grip for the Nikon D800 it cost a staggering $615. Since then the price has fallen to a still ridiculous $429. We have been waiting patiently for an affordable 3rd party version and today I got an email from a reader that they were available on ebay. The “Pixel MB-D12″ is a much more affordable $109.00. I just purchased one and once it shows up from Japan (at least 30 days) I’ll review it. I’m hoping this grip is as good as the last fake I got.

Nikon’s D4 & D800 1.01 Firmware Update Fixes Lockup Issue

Back in April we posted news from Nikon Rumors regarding lockup issues that affected the D800, D800E and D4. Good news. Nikon has released firmware update 1.01 which is said to have fixed that pesky little bug. Thanks again to Nikon Rumors for always keeping us in the know. [more]

[Video] Canon 5DMkIII, 5DMkII, and Nikon D800 Low-Light Video Test — Take 2

You may remember a while ago when we posted a candlelight video test by Joe Marine over at NoFilmSchool.com. After seeing feedback from the video, Joe sent me a new one (thanks!). The beginning is almost the same, but adjusted since Nikon and Canon handle ISO differently. But later on in the video, Joe got some interesting results when adding noise reduction and color correcting… [more]

[News] Nikon D800 Has Confirmed Focus/Viewfinder Issues

I didn’t believe my buddy when he told me that his brand new Nikon D800 viewfinder was always out of focus. I assumed that he had the diopter out of whack. It wasn’t until I used the camera myself that I realized there was a serious problem. The camera was sent back to Nikon for repair and he received the camera back last week with the same issue. After sending it back a second time, Nikon has admitted that “a run” of D800s have an issue with viewfinder alignment. [more]

[Contest] The Winner Of A Nikon D800 Or Canon 5D Mark III Is

A few weeks ago Fstoppers teamed up with SLR Lounge for a contest giveaway. The contest wasn’t just any contest though; we wanted to give one of our lucky readers either a brand new Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800 camera of their choosing. All the entries were in by April 30th, and yesterday we picked our lucky winner. Cross your fingers and say a little prayer before you hit the full post[more]

[Contest] Last Day To Win a Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Markiii

We love our Facebook fans and we will be giving one lucky follower their choice of a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III. To keep track of everyone who is entering you must sign up below. We are asking for your email simply to notify you in case you win. Doing this alone will get you 1 entry in the contest.  [more]

[Video] Canon 5DM3, 5DM2, and Nikon D800 Low-Light Video Test

Who’s got who beat is a big deal for those who are debating where to put their next $3000 — and rightly so. So if you’re interested in shooting video on any of the newest and hotly debated DSLRs out there, check out this low-light, high-ISO video test. The winner is crystal clear — literally. [more]

[Video] The Nikon D800 Vs Hasselblad H4D-40

The Nikon D800 is an impressive 36mp which puts in the same realm as SOME medium format cameras. The Camera Store decided to film a video comparing the D800 and the similarly equipped Hasselblad H4D which has a 40 megapixel sensor. The Hasselblad has the advantage of a much larger sensor and a better, sharper lens but the D800 censor is designed to shoot at higher ISOs. Which camera will win each test? You’ll have to watch to find out. [more]

[News] Nikon D800 Stomps Canon 5DM3 In DxO Test

The Nikon Vs Canon war rages on, this time Nikon fan boys will gain a little ammunition. As you may have heard, the 36mp sensor inside the Nikon D800 is the highest rated sensor of all time (a 95), beating even medium format cameras that cost over $50,000.00. DxO Mark recently released their reviews of the Canon 5D Mark III sensor and it received a score of 81 that puts the camera in 10th place. [more]

[Gear] 5D Mark III vs. D800 (Part 2: low light, jpeg, buffering, ergonomics)

In this second installation, Chris Niccolls over at The Camera Store TV, compares the Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800, with photojournalist Mike Drew. Mike and Chris look at how these two cameras handle fast action in low light and how JPEG processing compares to the RAW files. What I really dig about this comparison is that it’s not another model shoot but rather a real working world photographer shooting under the unique and difficult conditions of a cutting horse competition. [more]

[FStoppers Review] Atomos Ninja External Recorder With Nikon D800

There is no doubt that Nikon and Canon are putting a lot of effort in creating better video features in their flagship DSLR cameras. One of the most talked about new features has been Nikon’s clean, uncompressed 1080p output from the camera’s HDMI connector. Both the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 DSLR cameras allow for this feature, but we’ve wondered just how useful are these new uncompressed files? We decided to test the new Atomos Ninja 1080p external recorder to see if these 12x larger files gave us better image quality for our own video projects. [more]

[News Discussion] Does your Nikon D800 Lock Up?

So many gear releases, so many bugs, glitches and freak outs. The Admin over at Nikon Rumors has just made a brief post about his new Nikon D800 locking up. In a picture, he provides, the D800 can be seen with the LCD on, even though the camera is off and apparently the only way to reset it is to pull the battery. When you head on over to his post you will find in the comments that this doesn’t seem to be a new issue for Nikon users but kinda disconcerting none the less. [more]

[Comical] Which Camera Is The Best: D800 or 5D Mark III

The web is abuzz with comparison articles on which $3000 DSLR camera is the best bang for the buck. Kevin Good with CrisisLab recently did a side by side comparison of the Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800 in several real world tests. His tests include Resolution, Rolling Shutter, High ISO Test, and Durability. Each test was conducted to the highest of standards and perhaps might be the most scientific review I’ve seen yet. Now off to Craigslist to find me some models! [more]

[Video] Canon 5D MK III vs Nikon D800

The Canon 5D MkIII and the Nikon D800 are two of the hottest cameras on the market right now. In this video commercial photographer Nathan Elson joins up with The Camera Store’s Chris Niccolls to see how these two cameras stack up in the image quality department. Enjoy!

[Resolution Test] How Does The Nikon D800 Compare To Medium Format?

Perhaps no DSLR camera has caused such a stir as Nikon’s new 36mp DSLR camera. Not only does it provide the most megapixels of any compact DSLR yet, but it also falls below the $3,000 mark! But the question everyone has is “can a small 35mm sensor really come close to the quality of a large medium format camera?” The guys over at DSLR Magazine put the Nikon D800 up against the Hasselblad H4D-40, Leica S2, and Sigma SD1 to find out. The results will most certainly shock you! [more]

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