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[Camera Tests] DxOMark Nikon D800 Rating Tops Nikon D4 and Phase One!

Last week one of the most respected camera review sites, DxOMark, listed the brand new Nikon D4 as the best digital DSLR camera to date. The D4 ranked so well that it was actually the 2nd best digital camera period falling behind only by the Phase One IQ180. Today both those cameras fall to a shocking competitor..the much less expensive Nikon D800! [more]

D4 Buyers May Want To Give The D800 A Second Look

As a wedding photographer I was really never interested in the D800. 36mp in ideal light for commercial jobs sounds fantastic but shooting thousands of images in a dark reception hall and having to deal with massive files horrified me. Because of this I purchased a D4 hoping for high ISO performance in a more manageable 16mp file. After I tested the performance of the D4 in low light and finding it was no better than the D3S, I am giving the D800 a second look.  [more]

[Gear] Nikon D800 and Canon 5D MKIII ISO Samples

The Nikon D800 has been much criticized for its enormous megapixel count. And some have worried that packing 36 megapixels into a full frame sensor might lead to decreased low-light performance. These samples, however, push those worries aside. It’s no D4, but for 36 megapixels, I think Nikon should win an award for this. Canon took a different route with the 22-megapixel 5D Mark III, but that paid off, too. See for yourself in the full post! [more]

[OMG] Nikon Uses 5d2, Phantom HD Footage To Promote D800

In what must be one of the largest faux-pas in camera news ever, Nikon has  used footage shot on Canon 5d Mark IIs and what appears to be a Phantom HD camera to promote their D800. But it doesn’t end there. Not only did they use footage from their competitors’ cameras  in the ad, but they also allegedly did not ask permission to use that footage in the first place.  Get the scoop after the jump. [more]

[Gear] The Nikon D800/D800E is Finally Out! UPDATE

After months of waiting and following terribly teasing rumors and small photo leaks, Nikon finally announced the D800! For the full specs, details, photos, pre-order information, and to find out what that ‘E’ means, read below. And don’t forget to keep checking back for updates as they roll out when the announcement goes live tonight! (Updated!) [more]

[News] The New Nikon D800 Might Actually Look Like This

Everyone has been waiting for the new Nikon D3s and D700 replacement cameras for what seems like forever. Nikon Rumors recently opened a whole can of worms as they released photos that the rumor blog owner stats as being 99% legit. However new speculations have come out from another reliable source over at DigitalRev. We here at Fstoppers aren’t going to claim we know what the next Nikon DSLR will actually look like so instead we pose this question: Which version of the Nikon D800 do you think is more accurate and which one excites you the most? Click the FULL POST to view a side by side comparison of both speculated versions of the camera and leave your thoughts below in the comments. I’d actually be more interested in the DigitalRev version but that’s just me.

[Pic] Side By Side Comparison Of The Nikon D700 And New D800

So as you have now seen, Nikon Rumors just received the first images of the soon to be released Nikon D800. As I studied the pictures I noticed that the command dial on the top was sitting a bit more sideways than it does on the D700. As I looked closer I noticed that Nikon seemed to have shaved down the left side of the camera a bit. You’ll notice the buttons on the left side no longer have as much room. Do you guys see any other big differences?

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