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#NoFilter – Behind The Lens With Instagram’s Biggest Stars

Have you ever wondered who the people are behind some of Instagram’s biggest profiles? With the way it’s setup, you see their work first but you don’t get to know too much about who they are. Some of the users on Instagram have tremendous followings. What drives them to shoot and who are they? Here are some great interviews about them and their work.   [more]

Hilarious Instagram Song (To the Tune of Dated Nickelback)

UPDATE: Apparently video was removed from Youtube. Link to original CollegeHumor video is here.
Taking a break from any serious discussion about whether or not Instagram is a good thing, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the hilarity that is this video, which pokes fun at Instagram to the tune of Nickelback. I remember when I actually liked this song… a lot. [more]

Instagram’s New Profile Pages Worth Checking Out

This week Instagram rolled out new web based profile pages for it’s users making it easy to view a history of their photos, likes and comments. To access your new profile page just open any web browser on your computer and type, www.instagram.com/*username*. What do you think of the new profiles? Let us know in the comments. Read on to see screen shots and links to some of my favorite Instagram users. [more]

How Would You Like To Have Your Very Own Instagram Photo Book?

For all you Instagramers out there, now instead of just sharing your photos on your phones or Facebook, take them to the page. Artifact Uprising now offers Instagram photo books for you to display your square works of art. [more]

The Guide To Not Sucking So Bad on Instagram

By now you’ve probably formed a clear cut opinion about Instagram. It’s the program we either love to hate, or just plain love! If there was such a thing as Instagram etiquette, or the ‘right’ way to Instagram, this is probably as close to anything we’ve seen so far. New York City filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to illustrate a few points. He does drop one word of profanity so be cautious if you’re in a sensitive area.  [more]

Amazing Free Textures for Instagram’ers

For those of you out there who love creating art with your cell phone and using Instagram to share it – I got a great freebie for you! A few weeks back I wrote a feature article highlighting the work of photographer/digital artist Merek Davis. The guy is insanely talented and in addition to creating art on his camera and computer he has also been stunning Instagram users all over the world with the art he has been creating on his phone. As a big thank you to all of those that support him there he has put together a couple packs of free textures (Mextures) to share with everyone.  [more]

This Song Makes Fun Of All You Instagram Users

This funny video created by Julia Mattison is probably the best thing that came out of the invention of Instagram. If you’re addicted to Instagram, this song will make you feel ashamed. If you’re a friend of someone who’s addicted, this video will remind you how much your friend can be annoying. Happy watching everyone! [more]

An Entire Wedding Shot On An iPhone And Processed Using Instagram

Kim A. Thomas, a photographer out of San Francisco, recently shot an entire wedding using just her iPhone. She processed everything using Instagram as well. The couple, Jonathan and Brandi, wanted her to do so by request. She never used an SLR for any of the shots. Her main camera was the iPhone 4s with an iPhone 4 as a backup. She did use an SLR mount for her lenses and a tripod. Take a look at the shots and let us know what you think of them!  [more]

What If Andy Warhol Had Instagram And An iPhone? Enter Flam Wenders

Considered to be one of the “most respected Instagram artists”, Flam Wenders works with taking Instagram photos of sushi, girls making the duck face, and street signs put him in a class with everyone else all on his own. He Instagrams, he doesn’t Instaf***around. Yeah… It’s Friday! Have a laugh at this ridiculous video that takes a fictional look at an iPhone Instagram Photographer that takes himself way too seriously.

Top Instagram Users Receive Red Carpet Treatment at U.S. Open

If you’re an Instagram user and a tennis lover, you may want to brush up on your iPhone photography skills and get a few thousand followers by the time next year’s U.S. Open rolls around. Three of Instagram’s top users -  @bridif, @takinyerphoto and @newyorkcity, who together bring over 600,000 followers with them – will be given unprecedented access to photograph the U.S. Open today alongside traditional media outlets. [more]

Instacube: The Beautiful Pictureframe That Streams Your Instagram Photos

Just shy of their quarter of a million dollar goal on Instagram in under a week, Instacube is a concept that has caught tremendous attention on kickstarter. As the title suggests, Instacube is a picture frame that streams your Instagram feed to a beautiful portable display that is three times the size.  [more]

Instaglasses Concept: The Instagram Glasses That Show The World In Filters

We recently showed you the idea of what a instagram camera would look like here. Now, this concept by Markus Gerke shows it reduced down to glasses. The idea is that you can take a picture and apply a filter with your glasses. In effect, you can see the world through instagram filters and share it with everyone. Even though this concept won’t come true, it might have been a big hit with Instagram addicts. Would this be something you would have bought if they were real?  [more]

UPDATED: Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram? Introducing Facebook Camera

UPDATE 2: Huffington Post has edited their original article. They now state that the Instagram app deal will close later this year, not the whole app.

In case you were as baffled when you heard that Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 Billion, you weren’t alone. But news today shows the reason. Facebook has announced their next product: Facebook Camera. [more]

[Concept] What The Instagram App Icon Would Look Like If It Became A Working Camera

The square Instagram App icon has become very well known to most of us. What if it was real? The team over at ADR studios rendered what it would look like if the icon became a real camera. Would it be something that you would buy if it was a possibility?


[Humor] Instagram Uses Facebook’s 1 Billion Dollars To Make An Instant Camera

It’s Friday, have a laugh. The crew over at The Verge put together this video of a (fake) camera that resembles a Polaroid by instantly producing a printed image out of it’s body. This model, made by Instagram, lets you add you own effects for an even more unique look at your images! I can’t wait to buy one of these and start shooting professional looking wedding photos! [more]

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