Finding The Best Available Light

When traveling to a restaurant, you never know what type of lighting environment you will find yourself in. There could be a large window with beautiful soft, natural light, or it could be dark like a cave with only overhead fluorescent lights. If you want to add restaurants to your portfolio, reading the light in a room is a great habit to get into. Not sure what I mean by reading the light? Let me show you what I found on a stop for some Texas barbecue.


Fstoppers Holiday Gear Guide: Gifts Between $200 and $500

Oh man, less than two weeks until Christmas and you STILL haven’t finished shopping. It’s ok everyone, we’re in the same boat. That’s why we are continuing to update our Holiday Gear Guide to reflect the best gifts between $200 and $500 so you can make a big splash with some amazing stuff stuffed in those stockings. [more]

10 Tips on How to Creatively Use a Slider

Are you getting the most out of your gear? In this short video, videographer Jordy Vandeput demonstrates 10 different ways to manipulate your camera angles with a slider and tripod. [more]

This Is The Fuji You’ve Been Waiting For

The Fuji XE2 and I started out with a classic love-hate relationship. Initially, it felt too small, I couldn’t hold it comfortably, kept mashing buttons that felt poorly placed and it wouldn’t lock focus fast enough. As I was getting ready to kick it to the curb, I found my groove. “Too small” became unobtrusive and nimble. I adjusted my grip and it became comfortable to use. Firmware upgrades and some practice improved AF performance and handling issues. As soon as I learnt how to shoot with it, it became fun. A LOT of fun.  [more]

MegaLapse: The GoPro Hack for Shooting Long Timelapses

The ability to film a timelapse video with a GoPro is something I would think most of us are familiar with on some level. What you might not be aware of however, is the interval limitations they are programmed with. At it’s longest interval the GoPro can only be set to take one photo every 60 seconds. While this may not be an obstacle for most, it could be if you wanted to do something like a week-long [more]

Famed Music Producer Responds to Photography Community Backlash

A few days ago I covered a story here on Fstoppers about an online altercation between a massively popular music producer, Diplo, and a Canadian based photography collective under the name of Visualbass. Diplo has recently stepped forward and has made a statement on Fstoppers about the incident. [more]

Photojournalist Helps to Make Impact on the War in Africa

Photographer Marcus Bleasdale spent a great deal of time from 2003-2004 covering the exploitation of natural resources in Eastern Congo. Children were either used to mine gold for the rebels that was sold to finance the war or to pick up a weapon and fight as soldiers. Human Rights Watch, with these pictures, pressured the company buying all of this gold ($150 million dollars worth) to stop. [more]

Do What You Do Best – Outsource The Rest!

Sometimes the one thing holding us back from bigger and better things is actually ourselves. Yes you CAN do everything, but SHOULD you? Many successful photographers have found ways that they can specialize their jobs within their own businesses so that they can do what they love and do best, and outsource the rest. [more]

Instagram Updated With Direct Messaging | Now Send Sexy Photos In Private

Have you ever wanted to send a sexy, artfully filtered photo of yourself to a select 15 ladies that follow you on Instagram and then know exactly when they have read the message? Well, now that desire is a reality with the privatization of your Instagram posts through “Direct Messaging.” [more]

Fstoppers Answers – When Did You Make the Jump to Full Time Pro?

Each week, we ask our writers a question generated from the public in a series that we call “Fstoppers Answers“. Last week, we asked our writers the long “What Is Your Photo Education? How Important Do You Think Formal Education Is In The Field?“. This week, we ask our staff “When Did You Make the Jump to Full Time Pro?


Tamron Announces Launch Date for 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Lens

Tamron has announced the launch date of the newly-designed 150-600MM F/5-6.3 DI VC USD today, saying they anticipate the lens to be available in the USA on January 17, 2014. For more information on the lens, please see our original story on the upcoming Tamron glass. If you are interested in how it performs, we also posted sample images purportedly taken with the lens. [more]

The Classic “Bullitt” Chase Sequence – Then And Now

Given access to a time machine, where and when would you choose to go? For some reason, I always seem to think about 1960s San Francisco, and I don’t think it’s (just) for the sex, drugs and rock and roll. I think it’s because I saw the classic Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt” at such a young age that it left an indelible mark. If you’ve ever wondered what Bullitt (and specifically, the amazing car chase sequence) would look like if it were filmed today, you need to check this video out. [more]

Adobe’s Fiscal Year 2013 Numbers Have Been Released: Q4 $1.04B in Revenue

Adobe released their Fiscal Year 2013 numbers today, and though the Q3 earnings were below expectations, Adobe seems to have rebounded in Q4 and just matched their targeted range of $1 billion to $1.05 billion, resulting an increase in stock value in after-hours trading. [more]

Best $35 You Can Spend Towards Your Education

Many of you might already own a Google Chromecast. If you don’t yet I would highly recommend picking one up. They are inexpensive ($35) and it’s one of my favorite gadgets of the year. Here are some of my favorite things you can do with Chromecast and why I say it’s the best $35 you can spend towards your education. [more]

Michael Shainblum: The Art Behind The Time Lapse

San Diego based photographer, Michael Shainblum, is not only a great photographer, he’s also an incredible time-lapser. When Michael was young he was diagnosed with Dyslexia and learning disabilities, and got discouraged when he saw that other kids succeed and do well while he struggles. He quickly realized he can excel in art, and decided to take this route to succeed in life. For the past few years Michael has created some of the best time-lapse videos ever created. VICE filmed this very interesting documentary about him and his work – sit back and enjoy! [more]

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