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The Ray-Bans Girl

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 The Ray-Bans Girl

Model: Lezlie Partin

Photog: Roberto Inetti

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Bo Bickley's picture

Pretty sexy shot. Nice natural lighting too.

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thanks Bo, this was a totally random shot. It was at the end of the photoshoot, we just tried "one more shot..." and it worked :)

Elliott Brockelbank's picture

Just based on assisting some shoots, I feel like some of the best stuff comes from just trying "one more shot"
Really love this :)

Guillermo Fernández's picture

Just fell in love...great shot!!

Roberto Inetti's picture

Thank you Guillermo!

Great shot.

Neo Racer's picture

STUNNING! Was this a 70-200 shot?

Roberto Inetti's picture

Yes! EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM!

Sheldon Evans's picture

This girl is stunning! Such soft lighting as well, great job!

Valentin Zahariev's picture

Like pose, light and model, just missing some ink on shoulder/chest :)