Aerial Portraits Of Faces Using Groups Of People

Aerial Portraits Of Faces Using Groups Of People

These photographs by artist Craig Alan have been floating around the web recently. Craig's portraits of celebrities are created entirely using other humans as 'pixels' and the results are pretty amazing. I'm not sure if Craig's images are true aerial photographs or digital creations but either way this approach is definitely unique. Click the full post to see his portraits of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elvis.

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I see what you did there. Marilyn Monroe and JFK in the same set.

Red humans are casting red shadows, which won't happen.  So if the "humans" in these images are real, then there's been a significant amount of post-processing.  My guess is that these images are entirely fabricated and have nothing to do with photography.

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Well yes obviously there has been some photoshop work since red human's done exist.  Also some textures have been added to the ground to make it look like paper. 

At first, I thought maybe he had individuals put on red body suits in which case, yes, "red humans" would exist.  I see nothing in the images to indicate anything other than complete fabrication.  No camera needed.

We know these aren't photoshop-

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Brilliant work. Reminds me of the wonderfully directed credit intro to Ridley Scott's Hannibal, in which a pack of pidgeons form Hannibal Lecter's face before fluttering out to the sky.

If you will look closely you will find  the same figures used more then once.
It is nice project but it is digital graphic, not a photographic.

Conceptually interesting, but no reason this can't just be all done with photoshop. To get hundreds of people to wait around while a photographer directs from a crane would have no better payoff.

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According to London Film Museum they're in fact mini models intricately painted by US artist Craig Alan. 

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Okay, Craig Allan can't do justice to this American icon:
Kennedy Space Center Employees Assemble for Historic Photo

Very nice, i love the idea, would be awesome in some sort of flashmob :)