Gorgeous Photography By Javier Gil

Gorgeous Photography By Javier Gil

"I started using Photoshop since i was a little kid, I would use a 1 mega pixel camera and invite my friends over. I would then take photos of them and photoshop them really tiny fighting my toys and what not. I think after that, I've always had an interest in photography. One funny thing though, i failed photography and Photoshop twice in high school. Just because i never wanted to do the projects our teacher gave us. Instead i would Photoshop the teacher like hulk and what not. Ha hah. I have never done a 365 or 52 project, even though I'm dying to do one. Just don't think i have the time at the moment." - Javier Gil

What are your thoughts on these?

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what happened with f-stoppers concentrated on "making" and "behind the scene", not on crappy photos from flickr?

I guess you don't look at this site very much?

I do like these flickr sets a lot. I see it as a great extra. 

These are legit. This photographer has range.


i like em, but i think the 4th could have been more interesting with the treeline coming out from her neck/shoulder area, wing like

I had the same tought.

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Seriously? This is "gorgeous photography"? What, can you pay to have your photography posted here? Sign me up! 

Now I think "over-Photoshopped and over-processed JPGs" would be a more applicable title. 

This is not a low-blow at the photographer that is Javier Gills... but more so at the editor that posted this. 

At least edit the grammar in the post. Seriously, Fstoppers. Usually your work is stellar - raise the bar!

Just curious but would you also consider your work to be over-processed (referring to the 'personal' section of your site)?

I ask because personally I like this style and would like to know what level of split-toning and colour grading is considered acceptable and where does one cross the line to then be considered over-processed.

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The personal shots on my site are just that - personal shots taken and edited with an iPhone. I'm not going critiquing to push anyone's buttons at all - Javier's especially. 

All I'm saying is for Fstoppers to raise the bar quite a bit higher. If this is considered "gorgeous photography", then what words do you use to describe Leibovitz, Serrao, and Avedon? 

Not to mention that half of the pictures are a little out of focus. That's all. 

These photos where grabbed from a different website where they were originally posted. That explains the "out of focus" you are complaining about. They where stretched by the fstoppers staff to fit their layout. http://imgur.com/a/ungtf

That's a very strong and rude opinion, don't you think? What makes you an authority on the subject? 
- Javier Gil

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It's a strong opinion, yes. When your work is on the internet, I've learned personally that you have to be open to critique, even strong critique. Rude? I think it was rather blunt, and if you'd rather everyone say only positive commentary, then excuse me. 

Nobody made me any authority on any subject; but this *is* a forum open for discussion, and so with the question "What are your thoughts on these?" being posed at the end of the post, I felt it was applicable to give me thoughts, though they may be a bit different than what you think. 

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Look, Javier. I'll apologize if it came across as rather, blunt, and, a bit rude perhaps. I sincerely do apologize. 

I do believe it came across as quite a bit harsher simply because we happen to work in the same city, and know some of the same people (including half of the models in the images shown here). 

Anyways, that is all I have to say here. Again, my apologies. 

You say that your comments came across as harsher because you live in the same city, and know the same models. I'd think that would influence you to temper your remarks, rather than make them harsher.

Honestly, it sounds a bit like you think YOUR images of the same models are better, and maybe should have been featured instead? 

This is really none of my business, but I'm in the same market as you guys. I think local photographers need to stick together, no try and tear each other down.

And finally... I was pretty clear to me that any apparent softness of the images are artifacts of web posting.

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 Maybe he just thinks the images could be better, based on his opinions of Fstoppers' quality, which is fine.