[Humor] Your Favorite Celebrities as Russian Generals

[Humor] Your Favorite Celebrities as Russian Generals

Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Sean Connery are all Russian generals. At least in this set of images they are. These came from a site called ReplaceFace, where you can get your own personalized portrait as a general. I have to admit, I would gladly hang this portrait of Bill Murray over my mantle (if I had a mantle). What do you think of these composites?


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From Amy Hobbs:

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Elijah Wood looks likes Simon Bolivar...Venezuelan libertator

Elijah Wood, Jet Li and the Jonah Hill pictures are really striking - somewhat unnerving.

These are waaaaaaaaaaaaay awesome!

That was a normal, Tuesday outfit for Michael. 

When the make the Historical version of Capt.Cook, Robert Downey Jr. should play The Captain.
His look is fantastic!