[Pics] Intriguing And Classic Shots From Photographer Rodney Smith

[Pics] Intriguing And Classic Shots From Photographer Rodney Smith

Photographer Rodney Smith cannot be defined by any set of words no matter how much anyone tries. This Yale graduate is not just intelligent, he is also an artist. “He's adamantly analog”. There's a definite level of intrigue when you take a look through some of his work. Forget about words, check out a brief collection of his work. Although a number of you may be familiar with his work, for those of you who are not, you're in for something special. 

You can see more Rodney's work on his website:


From Pratik:

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very good!

An artist. The technique seems absent (leaves all the room to the art) although I'm sure, he's also a great technician). But again, my point is, it doesn't take any room in the photos.

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I read your comment a few times, but am not quite sure what you mean. 

That his shots are quite interesting as pieces of art, but do not seem that they were too technically demanding to create?

No, I meant: the "art" part is strong enough to hide the "technical" part. That's great. I'm sure there's a lot of technique behind the shots, but I only see the art in them.
Sorry if I'm not clear... English is a second language for me.

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Got it  :)

Reminds me of Apple's products... the well studied, endlessly labored, ultimately perfected... minimalism. Invisible, but oh so endlessly skillful.

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Gorgeous. His work seems like a timeless style and nods at surrealistic photos of yesteryear.

wow, love these

WHY the wealthy elitist spin added? Who gives a rats ass where the dude went to school ... I can point out dozens of folks at our local community colleges who blow this dude out of the water ...

i dont think the dozen of folks at your community college can execute concepts that make you think like these photos do, but please prove me wrong, show us their work.

politics of envy rebuttal ... 

the thoughts these shots inspire....amazing 

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This is so random, I was just searching for his work last Friday. Legend.

George Christakis puts this pompous, self-absorbed ass to shame … plus he ain't got no degree from Yale … totally self taught

 I am just wondering why you are resorting to derogatory comments to get your point across. I think that your statement of Yale not necessarily being pertinent to the art has some merit. However, I would say that as artists, where we come from come from can be jut as important as where we are going. I would also argue that knowing where the artist has been educated can inform the viewer so that they might have some insight into where the art is coming from.

I love this guy's work and recently bought The Hat Book by him.
Film isn't dead, here's proof.

Awesome intense work. Really like it! :)

Really fantastic work! Very inspiring! 


Not really sure why the school was mentioned and why everyone gets so worked up about that. Personally, I like how there seems to be no post-production or any kind of PS work on the photos. They are so simple elegant and, frankly, sometimes quite absurd that is amazing someone can do these without modern "techniques" today. 

To whoever mentioned George Christakis - those are nice, but too artsy and overdone. This is as real as the camera can see.