Clearer Skin Using Three Tools: An Fstoppers Post Production Tutorial With Sean Armenta

Hello Fstoppers! My name is Sean Armenta, and this is my little spot on Fstoppers called The Post Production Tutorial. If you enjoy these videos, feel free to subscribe to my new Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel for the latest updates.

In this episode, we put the last two tutorials into practice, and I share how I do a basic cleanup of skin using only three tools: The Healing Brush, The Patch Tool, and The Clone Stamp. The image you will see at the very beginning of the tutorial is the shot I did with One Beauty Light and without the use of any other tools or plugins. If you haven't watched the previous two installations on the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp, I suggest you watch those first, and you can find them on the Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel.

You can find me on FACEBOOK, follow me on TWITTER, and keep up with me on my BLOG. I also do photography and retouching workshops, and you can find more info at

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Lee Morris's picture

Once again, killer video Sean

The video is gone. The Fstoppers PPT Youtube Channel is also unavailable in the U.S.

This guy is basically an authority on skin. His work for Wet Seal is also VERY good. Many people want to know about top level fashion photography. I direct them to Sean's site.

Fstoppers makes my day, every day... just putting it out there

Kellen Freeman's picture

Another awesome video. The self promotion is a little *smack you in the face "HEY, LOOK AT ME"* when i think the video itself is enough to get great feedback!

Superb workflow, flawless technique, and great narration!

Loving these videos, thanks a lot Sean!

right on! i have such a photographer crush on sean. love the work you do. i totally use your work as inpiration.

This is the best photography web site yet! I also get inspiration from these guys, wow really good. Thank you for making these tutorials.

Hi. The video is not appearing.