The Faces Behind The Adobe Photoshop Splash Screen

Fstoppers was created in part to help show the faces of the photographers behind the lens and also to give insight on how they approach their photography. But have you ever wondered who the people are behind some of tools and software we use day in an day out? Well Adobe recently released this video featuring many of the names behind their industry standard software Photoshop CS5 as they explained some of the difficulties they faced in the newest update. I've always wondered why it often takes longer for the mac version to appear on store shelves than it does the PC version and now I know why.

via PetaPixel

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Their names are the ones I see most often :)

Interesting if we could see people behind Nikon/Canon/Pentax/... products.

This is an awesome video! I have always wondered about the names behind Photoshop, and well dang, this is a crazy story about the CS5 launch! I am a proud user (and owner) of the CS5 Production Premium suite and use it every day for my own work!

Very interesting indeed... I can't wait to get it!!!

These people are the reason you should buy a legit copy and not steal this software that makes all of our lives better!! These people work harder than we could imagine.

This gave me goosebumps! It's amazing how these people obsessed about their works! Photoshop rocks, I use CS4 and it's already brilliant to use in my photography. I will soon get this CS5 for sure :D

One of the coolest videos I've seen about devs and their products. Good to know that a program that is such a monopoly in the industry is still backed by some of the hardest working and passionate people out there.