Too Heavy-Handed on the Retouching?

Too Heavy-Handed on the Retouching?

Greek law enforcement officials are facing investigation after ‘allegedly’ airbrushing out a black eye and face lacerations that the police may or may not have given to a young man and his three other bank robber friends.

Greek government officials have admitted to some photo alterations, but they would really insist you believe that it was done only to make the robbers more noticeable in public. It has nothing to do with making them look like half a Japanese Anime character.

Assumedly, the bank robbers are pretty sorry, but still a little bitter about the roughhousing.

Ethically, what do you think? If they are doing Photoshop work, ethically, shouldn’t they hire a decent retoucher and not obviously someone’s nephew?

Seriously though, folks…helping? Hurting?

Source: Reuters via Gizmodo



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DAAAAAAAYUM!!!  (Chris Tucker from Friday style)  They got their asses whooped!  Guess that'll be the last time they try to Rob a bank...  =)    I think they kind of stand out of the crowd with the black eyes and such and more people will notice them that way than photoshopped especially since it's a shitty photoshop job.   Bitter about a little "Roughhousing" after trying to ROB A BANK?  I couldn't sit down for a week if I fought with my brother about stupid toys, so I think they've gotten off pretty lightly considering what they tried to do.  =)

They'd have been shot dead in the states though...

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Whats the point in robbing a bank in Greece? They don't have any money do they? I feel sorry for the bank robbers. 

The bank was robbed to financially support the leading terrorist movement in Greece. "Roughhousing" may be a common policy in countries with an extensive history of violence like  slaughter of nations in the Middle East and torturing in detention camps but there is no need of that after the police have already arrested the offenders. Violence should not be tolerated whether it comes from terrorists or policemen. Bad photoshop too. And Stephen, worry not, banks always have money even in Greece.

And we thought the images of the military jet by the Iranian government was bad — this looks like an elementary school kid got a hold of Photoshop.

Chris, thanks for the post. This is one of the first times that I've encountered a story about photoshop being used to cover up evidence. Very interesting indeed...