[Video] This Guy Draws A Photograph In Photoshop

My mother always told me that I was a talented painter and I at one point I believed her. After seeing this video of a guy using Photoshop to digitally paint a photograph of a girl I know she was just trying to be nice. Can anyone tell me if this is fake? It went from looking really bad to really good quite quickly. Whatever you do, make sure you mute this video before you start watching it.

Update: Ok I'm pretty sure it's fake.

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wtf guys leave 9Gag!
and that guy is great but need to know when to stop he does a real great job and than wast it...

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Ya it reached it's best point at 2:30 and then he made it look crazy. 

There's a high probability that this one is fake per the second top comment in the comment section on the video. You can see the introduction of the original image take place. Also an indication would be how he's hiding the layer stack and tools palette through the process. 

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If this isn't real then he is the worst portrait photographer ever!  That background must be fake

It's just a trick, not technically a fake.  =)  What he is doing is tracing over a photo (which is on a layer underneath)  He mixes painting colors with painting on a layer mask to reveal the photo underneath.  2:17 when he swipes the brush over the hair and it's multicolored with gradient and everything means he just painted with black on a layer mask.  All you have to do is get the colors close on the top layer so there isn't much of a contrast when you reveal the layer underneath.  Very clever but you can tell from the start that he doesn't even have the basic fundamentals of drawing much less get everything perfect in the end. =)


after reading homie's comment on the youtube page... prolly fake!!!

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Ahh good call! I was also thinking maybe this video was played in reverse but I think you guys are right. 

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Seems like a lot of trouble just to make a fake.  Maybe he needs a hobby.

why did i just watch that whole thing with the sound on?

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I totally watched the whole thing with sound on also..lol

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Guess i'm not the only one who watched the entire damn thing closely and with sound on. 

there are things on the internet that cannot be unheard. now my head keeps on playing that song. what the hell, lee?

If it is not fake, it is fair to assume he has done this before... Where can we see more of his work?

yep messed it up right at then end with that weird red blue background. He had it perfect with the coffee colors. 

Take a look at some of the high-realist paintings (and drawings) that are out there.  Many are pretty amazing.  Yes, they have worked from photographs, but the paintings are real.  Using Photoshop, after you have gained the technical skills, would be easier than working with oils or acrylics.  The initial drawing part is pretty straight forward, and easily done by an artist.  No need to trace.  Having the ability to "reshape" and move bits around would help to.  Probably real.

i don't think some of you are giving him enough credit really.....looks pretty real to me..

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I'm pretty sure this is real. Youtube is full of these videos - search for speedpainting.

I used to do a lot of digital painting. Here is a work in progress shot of me doing Dr House's beard:http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs26/f/2008/123/a/8/a8d7beb1be6b2b74757dee652...

and here is the finished pic:http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs29/f/2008/125/e/b/eb943e2a6eec8bc6e0dcb548f...

There isn't a single pixel from the original photo in it, blended or whatever. Everything, for example every single hair,  is either airbrushed or drawn in 80 layers with different shades and tones. Took me about 20 hours to paint. The video isn't really that impressive. :)

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The final image reminds me of a shot that Jeremy Cowart did.. 


Check out the first image in the set..

Is there a point to this paint job? Or is the lesson here to know when to stop and step away from the keyboard.

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This looks more realistic than a lot of my portraits... XD

Just in case you couldn't get enough, here is the music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKfP7zEIOXE

Translation: I drew you

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Sound is old Russian cheesy song from 80's. Offal stuff. Can't imagine any good creative to use it.