Tom Margol sent in a fantastic, moody pair of shots and I’m happy to include both of them in this month’s POTD contest (check out both today’s and tomorrow’s POTD to see them both). I simply adore the graphical composition of this shot.

“This picture of a cyclist was taken in Bergamo, Italy. I was intrigued by a great size zebra crossing and I decided to wait for a bike to have it on this zebra and catch this moment, and this contrast looks great to me. ”

  • BDWT

    Hah, funny enough I was just trying to get a shot similar to this the other night.. It didn’t turn out… This one is nice though, I like the the black and white, it really makes the composition pop.

  • http://twitter.com/toddwshaffer Todd Shaffer

    I’ve been looking for a crosswalk like that forever, many possibilities…

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