Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Feroz Khan a photographer from Dubai shot this amazing photo of the Shaikh Zayed Grand mosque.

I shot this last month when I was visiting Abu Dhabi, UAE with my in laws. This is the Shaikh Zayed Grand mosque, named after the late founder and President of the UAE.
It is also a much visited tourist spot and is usually filled with people. However on this day, they had fenced off the main area due to rain and visitors weren’t allowed to walk across the centre of the mosque. It was a pretty ordinary scene until 2 officials of the mosque committee decided to walk across. Thankfully for me, I was waiting with my cam in hand for quite some time and managed to grab this picture. I must add that the clouds helped greatly in improving what would otherwise have been a bleak sky.

Shot with a handheld Nikon D4 and a manual focus Walimex 14mm f2.8 lens
At ISO 1600, f10, 1/1600 sec

You can find more of Feroz’s work on his Facebook Page.

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