Toxic Steve

Canadian photographer, Adam McKay, submitted this image for June’s picture of the day.

“I shot this photo [the other day] on my old, beat up to no end, [Nikon] D90. I had a Nikon 35mm F1.4 AIS mounted. I was shooting at F2 with an ND.6 [filter] and 1.2 sec to kill the ambient beyond the 200th sync. ISO was also at 200. For lighting I was using an Lumopro 160 speedlight full power with 1/8 cto gel. It was being diffused by a Westcott Apollo ORB directly above camera pointing down on my subject.

About the location, this is an old abandoned mine site. Years of dumping toxic waste have left it a wasteland. They are slowly trying to reclaim the land, but I will never see it safe in my lifetime.” -Adam McKay


Made by Novum