Lightning Over Ely

“I have somewhat of a unique infatuation with lightning. My father was struck by lighting around 15 years ago while at work, sitting under a semi trailer eating lunch with coworkers. This had a pretty significant impact on my childhood.

I am terrified and yet strangely drawn to capture it’s power and beauty whenever I can. I saw this storm rolling in and grabbed my best friend and drove up on top of the mountain that overlooks my hometown, Ely Nevada. Not the best place to be in a thunderstorm, but the result is well worth it. It went as fast as it came, but I got 2 shots that I am very happy with. The bolt seems to just mirror the layout of Ely perfectly.” -Kyle Ford

Canon 5D markii
30 sec exposure


  • Stephen Sherrill

    The shape of the lightning and the city below are such a perfect match that it’s almost hard to believe that it just happened that way. But – nature can be surprising sometimes. This image is a real winner! Congratulations.

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