A Moment

“Both of them were actually actors in Dubai, and we wanted to create photos that could be like a a scene from a movie, and in this particular one we wanted to take it more towards “One Million Dollar Baby (2004)”, and getting an access to an underground gym wasn’t hard since I had a friend who owned one.

So I took this shot, after I decided that I want to create that “moment” of the trainer standing next to the fighter and giving her those couple of words that will make her knock her opponent down.

And I put the lines of the ring on each side of the photo, because they are like guidelines towards the subjects, so the eyes will directly look at them since they are the main attraction in it.”- Ihab Mokayed

- Camera: Canon 650D
- Lens: EF17-40mm f/4L USM
- Focal length: 17.0 mm
- Exposure: 1/160 sec; f/7.1; ISO 200 , Manual; Evaluative metering

- I used an external Canon speedlite 430EX II, with a silver reflector right next to them on the left


  • Stephen Sherrill

    Great character image. Tells a story. Good composition. Lighting is superb.

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