A Slice of Summer

“I’ve always loved the magazine editorials where the mood was so relaxed and cool that you could almost believe that the images came from real candid moments. (Peggy Sirota comes to mind.) So, I knew that I wanted to do work like that. In hindsight, Kelso was obviously perfect for this but we began our shoot by doing more stuff that was more “fashion-y” in an adjacent empty room.

At some point I noticed that the light in the next room over was glowing and bouncing off of the wood floors and blue walls creating just the mood we needed. I asked her to change into an outfit that she would actually wear on a normal day. A few clicks later I had one of the best shots of the of the day and one of my favorite I’ve ever done. As far as post processing goes, I do like my work a touch on the dark side so blacks are pulled down and I left all of the natural lens vignette in. But the final photo gets it’s look mainly from a split tone of pale blue in the shadows and pale orange in the highlights.”- Frank James

52mm @ f/2.8
ISO 800
Model: Kelso J. @ Pennington Models


  • Frank James

    Hey, that’s my picture! Thank you so much, Rebecca!

  • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

    awesome pic!

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