A Tribute to Budgie

“The photo is part of a photo series based on birds created by Argentine Photographer Agustín Nieto and American Food Stylist Anna Keville Joyce. We are developing the series as a tribute to Anna’s budgie bird back in the United States with the idea of exhibiting the complete series of photos as a collection.

The photo concept is an interpretation of a flamingo using only food elements, with components of the image design inspired by the illustrations of Charley Harper. The flamingo is made up of beet-dyed shredded coconut, crushed cereal, sesame seeds, kiwi seeds, cinnamon, and almond. The water is made up of sliced radishes and grapes, with a base of kiwi and brown rice, and aquatic plants of grape stems. The photo was taken in Agustin’s photography studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during July 2013.“- Agustín Nieto

Canon 5D mark II
24-70mm 2.8
Shot: 1/160 seg. f/11, ISO 160.

600ws Profoto Compact
Profoto 3X4 Softbox

Agustín Nieto, Photographer: www.hqfstudio.com , FACEBOOK
Anna Keville Joyce, Food Stylist: www.akjfoodstyling.com , FACEBOOK

  • Stephen Sherrill

    I absolutely love this shot. A true work of art. Congratulations

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