A View From Above

Today’s POTD for our transportation contest comes from Elsy Aumann. Says Elsy:

“This image was taken at an Air & Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. What most impressed me about this shot is that it really looks like if I was on the top of a building, and I was able to capture the top of the aircrafts and pilots, and in reality I was on the ground. I was mesmerized by the discipline and perfection of the planes side by side each other. The fact that I was able to freeze this moment in a fraction of a second, is incredible. It makes me feel more proud of the nation we are, strong and united.”

  • Elsy Aumann

    Thank you so much I’m trilled my picture got selected. I really enjoyed taking that shot, there is for sure an special technique in shooting aerials. Thank you FStoppers! @elsyaumann

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