“This shot was stitched together from about 6-7 photos using the Brenizer method in camera and merged in post-processing via Photoshop’s Photomerge function. This allows me to expand the viewing angle of the medium tele nature of the 85mm lens whilst preserving its unique bokeh/ differential focus properties.

We really didn’t plan for this shoot at all. Evey wanted to do a costume play (cosplay) shoot and her costume happened to fit with the location that I’ve scouted months ago. We both decided to just pick one weekend (with nice weather) to do this. Evey’s modelling experience definitely paid off for the whole time I was shooting. An experienced model is definitely worth his/ her weight in gold when it comes to fashion photography.

We shot late in the afternoon so that we can catch the golden hour. The low light meant long shadows casted by the trees too in this location, which is perfect for the character that Evey was portraying. She was cosplaying Alice from the video game “Alice: Madness Returns”. It’s a psychological horror video game based on the Alice in Wonderland story, so I wanted to emulate the “darkness” and “madness” in the photo. The natural/ forest-like setting lends itself to the story that most of us would be familiar with by now.

Equipment used:
Canon 5D MKII
Canon EF 85mm L II

Post processing:
Shot with F&V R300 Ring Light and natural light at around 5pm in southern hemisphere winter. The ring light was used for fill light on the model (camera right). Post processing done in Adobe Camera RAW (colour temperature, curves, contrast and exposure tweak) and Photoshop (Brenizer/ Photomerge).

Idea/ Rationale:
Fusing “horror”, “video game”, “landscape” and “high fashion” in photography?
” -Andy Wana

Model: Evey Dantès (https://www.facebook.com/Evey.Dantes.Inferno)
Photographer and Editor: Andy Wana (https://www.facebook.com/AndyWanaPhotography)

Made by Novum