Amelie on Wood

“The shoot itself was a test shoot for a Nordic clothing retailer. A test for both the model and myself. The idea was to create a couple of different “feels” but without changing the styling or wardrobe. Also we included Amelie’s own jewelry in the shoot so she could use them as promo shots for her own jewelry and accessories brand. This particular shot was the last setup and just to see if I could find anything more before calling it a day. The wooden background is actually a 30 year old upholsterer table that a colleague managed to salvage a couple of years ago. Only one light used with a medium octabox.” – Mathias Blom / The Happy Creative

Canon 5D mkII
Canon EF 24-70 f2.8L USM @ 70 mm
ISO 100
1/125 at f/13

Shot with Profoto D4


  • jr456

    What a great dramatic shot. Was one light used in addition to the octobox or was the one light actually the octobox?

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