Baja Lighthouse

“When visiting my family before Christmas and driving along the Pacific in Baja California, my brother wanted to take us to the freshest spot you can imagine for seafood. We went to Popotla, B.C., where people gathered in a small open market of fresh fish. I mean fresh! You literally see the fish moving while on the wooden tables 20 feet from the water. I spotted a table with baby sharks still waving their tail and small boats coming into the shore with a variety of lobsters, crabs, and fish. It was such a sight to be there.

After working on our appetite we then sat at one of those beautiful shacks and the very end of the cliff with nothing in front of us but the stunning Pacific Ocean as the sun got ready to set. Needless to say we feasted on a variety of seafoods, and cocktails that delighted our very souls. As we sat there overlooking the ocean, I was captivated by the waves crashing into the rocks and knew I had to capture the moment. I excused myself for a moment and climbed down to the rocks (still a little too happy from the cocktails and feast) in perfect timing with the sunset. It was such a happy accident to end up in a place so beautiful, and to be able to capture it in time.” -Armando Espinoza

Canon 5D MKll shot with a Canon 24 -70 2.8 at 24 – F22 – ISO 100 with a 2 sec delay


Made by Novum